No, Homestead-Miami Speedway Isn’t Being Turned Into Condos

A rumor ran rampant across the internet Monday night that next weekend’s NASCAR race at Homestead-Miami Speedway would be the tracks last race. It would be bulldozed in favor of condos. Because if there is anything South Florida lacks it’s an abundance of condos built on swampland.

Turns out the speedway isn’t being turned into condos. It was all a political play according to the Mayor of Homestead, Flordia who posted a lengthy explanation on his Facebook page that could use some formatting;

Just a few minutes ago, I was alerted to a rumor running wild on Twitter and throughout NASCAR fan sites to the effect that the Homestead Miami Speedway is going to be demolished for the land “to be converted to residential use; this is what the new Mayor wants.”

Where and why this FALSE and UNFOUNDED LIE was hatched is not hard to decipher. Why would your Mayor be accused of wanting to chase racing from Homestead. Think about the controversial items about to come before your CIty Council that I do not support: among many issues in the pipeline are the request for conversion of 100 acres in our Park of Commerce for junkyard use that creates no jobs for the community and the “NOPC” to cram even more low end residential density adjacent to the former golf course that was never intended for residential use. I submit that those applicants are desperate and will do anything to polarize further an already fractious body of elected officials for their own gain at the cost of our quality of life in Homestead.

The City of Homestead and the operators of the speedway have a long history of cooperation and mutual respect. The facility is under a long term lease with many years remaining. Those who seek to use and abuse our community have sunk to a new low when they attack and falsely portray the future of an institution that has brought over a million fans here over a 25 year run and invested untold millions in the facility and our community.

According to the fine Mayor, the City of Homestead owns the speedway and ISC has a long term lease to operate the speedway. If there were to be a dispute or if someone were to try and break the agreement NASCAR/ISC certainly have the city beat in the lawyer department.

Homestead-Miami Speedway has hosted NASCAR races since it opened in 1995, the Cup Series has made an annual trip since 1999. NASCAR made the decision to move the Championship race from Homestead to Phoenix in 2020 which only fueled the rumors that the track would be going away.

Since the reconfiguration in 2003, the track has progressively become more of a fan favorite. In recent years as the surface has worn Homestead has produced some of the best 1.5-mile racing the sport has seen. The notion that it could go away certainly triggered most fans. Not as much as single lugs but close.

All in all, it’s not going away. It’s part of a political play.

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