NASCAR Boomers Hate The Kobe Bryant Tributes, WHAT ABOUT THE TROOPS?

WHAT ABOUT THE TROOPS?!?! NASCAR DOESN’T DO ENOUGH TO HONOR THE TROOPS!!!! KOBE BRYANT IS DEAD MOVE ON- Boomers on Facebook who still talk about Dale Earnhardt 19 years later.

Ryan Blaney, William Byron, and Daniel Suarez will all pay tribute to Kobe Bryant this weekend at Fontana. Bryant a staple of Los Angeles died in a helicopter crash January 26th. It’s a nice gesture at the closest stop NASCAR has to Los Angeles.

When it comes to mental stability and rational reasoning NASCAR fans won’t be near the top of anyone’s list. So we dove into the Facebook comments section under these Kobe posts and let me tell you, these boomers didn’t disappoint. We’ve got Troops, we got camo, we got the Kennedy assassination.

Cassie is the epitome of boomers on Facebook. Multiple exclamation points so you know she has in fact, had enough. Also, god is not Kobe Bryant. Depending on which religion you look towards in the morning sun.

Matthew, just 5 months ago at Talladega NASCAR pandered to Earnhardt fans 18 years after his death.

How the fuck are we supposed to see them then, Russell?

NASCAR literally stopped a race last year to honor the troops.

What about them?

Pretty sure Bradley just made up a narrative.

NASCAR panders more to the troops than any sports league, organization, coporation, combined. Watch the Coke 600 for me one time, a bald eagle delivers you a Bud heavy and AR-15 just for tuning in.

Should have been a question mark after the “right.” Turn it in again tomorrow for full credit.

Kennedy died in 1963 and people are still making shows about it today.


*See above*

Forget sponsors. Each week NASCAR teams look up the local dead service members and wrap their car in memoriam. Definitely not creepy, invasive, or disrespectful.

Listen, everyone is entitled to say whatever they want. If you’re a boomer though maybe just click that phone back into your belt holster and go look at some tactical glasses down at the WalMart.

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