Ryan Newman Is Alive And That’s The Only Thing That Matters From The 2020 Daytona 500

It’s not Ryan Newman’s time yet.

The Rocketman appeared to go toe to toe with the Grim Reaper Monday night and thank god he’s one hard-headed son of a bitch. Passing Ryan Newman is nearly impossible, killing him is apparently even harder.

Newman’s family released a statement Monday night stating that Newman was in “serious condition” however doctors said his injuries “are not life-threatening.” Fantastic news for Newman and the racing community who were shocked by his accident.

We will not be posting his accident on this blog. You can seek it out on other platforms.

Denny Hamlin won the race but the celebration quickly turned somber when news of Newman’s wreck reached the #11 team. Hamlin who celebrated on the front stretch was unaware of the severity until he got to victory lane. Hamlin stated he unplugged his radio when he got out of the car to celebrate, a completely reasonable explanation. Just this time it was horrible timing. Hamlin apologized for the celebration and watching his victory lane celebration you can see a much more toned down Hamlin with his team. Team owner Joe Gibbs apologized in Victory Lane.

The severity of Newman’s injuries is unknown. There is no need to speculate when you’re talking about someone’s health. Like everyone else, we’ll wait for official news from the team, NASCAR, or the Newman family.

For now, we all can join together in hoping for a speedy recovery for the Rocketman.

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