Donald Trump Is Going To Ruin Everyone’s Daytona 500 Experience Today

You just paid $200 for a Daytona 500 ticket, you dropped another $100 to get into the Fan Zone (which should be free), you’re excited to see your favorite driver do a Q&A before the race only to get to the track and be stuck in a security queue until race time.

That’s the reality for anyone attending Sunday’s Daytona 500 thanks to President Donald Trump’s arrival.

Regardless of party politics anytime a politician comes to a sporting event it ruins the event for everyone in attendance. Extra security, long lines, canceled events, restrictions on literally everything. Donald Trump has ruined the pre-race experience for anyone in attendance. Including crew members who can’t do their jobs because they’re stuck in security lines.

On top of that, a number of drivers have had to cancel their pre-race appearances because the Secret Service isn’t letting people go back and forth from the infield to the outside of the track. All so the President can use the sport’s biggest race as a campaign stop.

Ridiculous Restrictions In Place

No non-necessary personnel on pit road: A huge blow for sponsors who wanted to bring their own dignitaries on pit road for the race. There atmosphere pre-race on the grid is electric. Apparently Sunday it’s going to be rather tame.

Not allowed to take photos of POTUS without approval: As if everyone with a phone isn’t going to have their phone out. This is a bananas restriction.

No fuel or nitrogen bottles on pit road until after departure: Over the wall crew members won’t be able to test their air guns until after the President leaves. Typically this is done in pre-race just to make sure the pressure is ok, guns are working, etc.

Every camper, hauler, building is being swept: Pretty standard when POTUS goes anywhere but a massive hassle for every person that is camping in the infield.

Of course, you can expect ridiculously long security lines at every gate. If you have a ticket for the Fan Zone you might just want to eat that cost because getting back and forth is going to be a nightmare.

On top of all that the President’s appearance has pushed back the green flag back by 15 minutes. That alone should be enough to sway your vote. Keeping us from racing for an extra 15 minutes, just cruel.

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