NASCAR Got Another Reality Show, Let’s Review The First Episode of MotorTrend’s “Battle For Daytona”

NASCAR has a new reality show and spoiler, Whitney Dillon is involved in this one too.

*collective groans*

MOTORTREND debuted “Battle For Daytona” a 4-part series focused on Austin Dillon, Tyler Reddick, and Corey LaJoie as they prepare for the 2020 Daytona 500. Unlike Racing Wives this show takes a look at the actual sport and not will this mediocre SLM driver get a ride at KBM.

“A New Season Is Dawning”

Episode 1 introduces the drivers we’ll be following over the next 4 weeks. Austin Dillon and Tyler Reddick from Richard Childress Racing along with Corey LaJoie at GoFas Racing.

The episode touches on all three drivers in different ways. The RCR boys are big-time into the sex recently. Austin Dillon and his wife Whitney are expecting their first child. Tyler Reddick and his girlfriend just had their first child and everyone looks exhausted. Corey LaJoie also joined the confirmed sex-haver list with his girlfriend who is also pregnant.

We get a decent look at the inside of RCR from competition meetings, garage, car prep for Daytona and more. If you’re into that aspect of the sport, this is definitely a good look at things we don’t normally see.

Oh, Jordan Bianchi does a lot of the commentary building for each driver which is great. But we need to talk about Jordan’s wardrobe.

Is that a maroon suede suit? With a silver silk pocket square? And that tie. What the hell, Jordan? We’re all for taking fashion risks but this looks like a bad prom suit from 1987 with a guy who drove his t-tops Camaro from the trailer park. His coverage on The Athletic is awesome though.

Austin Dillon

The Dillon’s are ADDICTED to being on TV. First Whitney spearheaded the debacle that was Racing Wives and now Austin is front and center on this show. He and Whitney are expecting and that is definitely going to be the focal point over the next three episodes. Unfortunately for everyone with ears.

Tyler Reddick

Reddick is pretty interesting. We get a first-hand look at a rookie adjusting to life of his first Cup Series season. Not to mention he’s a new dad now too and looks tired as a red-eye flight. Just hearing about everything RCR needs him to do, from seats to interior work was interesting. Probably the most interesting was RCR’s desire for him to spend two hours with the ECR engine department to go over things.

Corey LaJoie

Corey LaJoie is easily the most likable driver on the show. The GoFas driver still has a day job. He builds race seats at the family business. Watching him build a seat was a really interesting look into how that is done. Also, Corey can weld and fabricate with the best of them which is badass when you look at the current slate of drivers. Most of which have no clue how to work on their cars.

If you have the MotorTrend app, sign up for it, do the free trial and give this show a go. It will be weird to watch the final episode when the series is in Phoenix but whatever, content is content.

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