Could Jimmie Johnson Be Running IndyCar Races In 2021?

Jimmie Johnson made a surprise appearance at IndyCar’s Pre-Season test Tuesday stoking the “will Jimmie run IndyCar?” flames.

He probably will.

Johnson a guest of Arrow McLaren SP talked with current IndyCar drivers, took photos and even spoke to NBC about why he was there. Johnson said he had friends in the Austin area and decided to just drop by. Most drivers don’t drop by on a short week with the Daytona 500 looming in the very near future. Then again not every driver is Jimmie Johnson.

Set to retire from full-time NASCAR competition at the end of the 2020 season, Jimmie has some ideas as to what he wants to do next. “I have a lot of things I want to try, including INDYCAR and sports car racing in 2021, and now I can consider those as my ‘bucket list.’

Let’s just go ahead and sign Jimmie up for the 2021 Daytona 24 with Wayne Taylor Racing. Might as well sign him up for a seat at LeMans too.

Johnson making the move to IndyCar would be huge for motorsports in general. The greatest NASCAR driver of all time spending his retirement trying to master IndyCar on a part-time basis is the epitome of badass. Thanks to the aeroscreen there’s a much better chance of it happening now than ever before.

“The aeroscreen for me is huge,” Johnson said. “From a safety standpoint, I’m used to having a roof over my head and a windshield in front of me. That safety step really opens up my interest in INDYCAR. I grew up going to the Long Beach Grand Prix and was an IndyCar fan and thought that was going to be what I did.”

Let’s just get to 2021 so we can all see Jimmie Johnson in the #48 McLaren at Long Beach and COTA, and GIVE IT TO US.

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