Somehow Erik Jones Wins The Busch Crash

Erik Jones rode Denny Hamlin to victory Sunday afternoon in a Busch Clash than can only be described as an ARCA race.

In a race that started off as a snoozer, the final 15 laps will have NASCAR fans and media buzzing until the Duels on Thursday night. A debacle by Chevy covered up by a number of late-race cautions capped off by a car with half a nose winning is the best way to describe what occurred.

Laps 1-25

Lap 1-24: Not a god damn thing happened.

Lap 24: Toyota and Ford teams jumped to pit road, Chevy teams plus Ryan Newman stayed out for the end of the stage.

Laps 25-75

Jesus Christ. Where do we start?

The Chevy teams pitted right before the race went back to green following the built-in break to top off on fuel in an effort to stretch it until the end.

When that happened they remained at the back of the field just hanging out. All Chevy cars were feathering the throttle just trying to make fuel like they were Scott Dixon. On lap 44 and 45 the Toyota and Ford teams dove to pit road for fuel while the Chevy teams remained on track, still trying to save.

Armed with a 30-second lead and 27 laps to go by the time the pit cycle was over it looked like Chevy could be in the catbird seat. Did they outsmart everyone? Are they the Mercedes AMG F1 of NASCAR? Nope, they’re Ferrari. Because with 15 laps to go the pack of cars that pitted caught them ate them alive. Yet they didn’t pull away. Instead, they decided to turn The Clash into an ARCA race.

Lap 66

Joey Logano threw one too many blocks on Kyle Busch and this happened.

Lap 71

On the ensuing restart, a statistical anomaly happened. Two cars, nose to tail, both spun their tires and all hell broke loose. The Big One happened at 65 mph.

Overtime #1

Denny Hamlin had the best car all day. So when the green flag fell for Overtime it appeared to be a foregone conclusion that he’d win if his right rear tire didn’t go down like the team thought it would.

It did.

Peep Chase Elliott just running away from the troubles all by himself. Seven cars made it though.

Overtime #2

With seven cars on track Kyle Larson and Chase Elliott looked to be the ones who would fight for the trophy. Instead they fought each other.

Overtime #3 Erik Jones Finally Wins

Finally, and mercifully the 2020 Busch Clash came to an end.

Erik Jones who was missing half his nose, he basically had a snowplow on the front of his Camry rode Denny Hamlin to victory. The #11 was one lap down but that didn’t stop him from affecting the outcome of the race. He got behind his teammate and JGR picked up right where they left off in 2019. In victory lane with a bunch of pissed off fans on the internet.

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