Potential Miami F1 Parking Lot Race Got A New Track Layout So Kids Can Go To School

The Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix announced changes ahead to the track layout and schedule in hopes of accommodating the outspoken community.

A proposed Miami Grand Prix first planned for downtown/cruise ship port was moved out to Hard Rock Stadium after concerns from downtown residents. Miami Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross proposed the idea of hosting the race around Hard Rock Stadium in the parking lots surrounding the stadium. F1 has hosted parking lot races before to less than mediocre results. Ross’s plan was different as it would incorporate a purpose-built track as well as existing roadways.

The plan was met with pushback from the local community due to its inclusion of 199th street which would disrupt traffic. F1’s on-track schedule was also a point of contention presumably because the fine people of Miami Gardens don’t begin their day until the sun has been up for 9 hours.

Here is the new layout:

Part of the concessions made by the Miami GP will be the removal of 199th Street from the track layout. It now appears a purpose-built section of the track will take its place. This was done to avoid traffic disruption on 199th Street. The people of Baku are looking at this like “what the hell, man.”

Another concession made was to tweak the Friday schedule to avoid possible disruptions to the surrounding schools. Apparently the state 27th is trying to climb up the rankings. Because of that, there would be no on-track activity until 3 PM. In fairness, there is a school a half-mile from the Hard Rock Stadium property.

If there was an award for “Most persistent promoter wanting an F1 race” Ross and his team would certainly win. When the F1 race in New Jersey was hit with some pushback they folded and turned the pit building into apartments. This race still isn’t a sure thing, in fact there’s still a better shot of it not happening than happening but they’re giving it their best and if this was the NHRA they’d be in the playoffs for the effort.

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