So You Want To Watch The Chili Bowl? Here’s How To Do It For FREE, Legally

You read that right, you can watch the Chili Bowl for FREE tonight.

Earlier in the week, we laid out a number of ways to watch the Chili Bowl and all required some sort of monetary commitment. That means paying money in case some of you mouth breathers were confused by it.

Just like last year, there is a loophole in the system. With the Chili Bowl only being shown on MAVTV it limits the number of people that can watch the race. If you have cable you can add MAVTV through your cable provider but that’s a hassle. In a perfect world, MAVTV would have a streaming option you could pay $5 a month for. The next best thing is a streaming service option, the only service that offers MAVTV in their package is FuboTV.


If you sign up for a free trial of FuboTV and select the “adventure” package add on that includes MavTV for an extra $4.99 a month you will not be charged until the 7-day trial period is up. Meaning you can watch FOR FREE.


No more sketchy streams, getting burned by RacinBoysTV or wishing you had MavTV on your cable subscription.

Just click here to sign up for an account.

You pay nothing and you can watch the Chili Bowl tonight. I personally did it this morning and no charge was put on my card and I spent the afternoon watching last year’s Chili Bowl and the Tulsa Shootout.

And remember to cancel your plan before the 7 days are up or you’ll be charged $50 each month until you do so. Or keep it and watch some obscure motorsports like tractor pulling, mud bogging or AMA flat track racing from Peoria where a jump is involved. Basically, it’s like ESPN2 circa 1999.

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