Formula E Using K-pop Group BTS To Claim Most Popular Post In “The History of Motorsports” Is Such A Formula E Move

Back in December Formula E staked a claim that they had the most retweeted Tweet in motorsports history. Like most news that comes out of Formula E, no attention was paid to it.

That was until New Year’s Eve when this K-Pop group BTS shut down Time Square for a performance that had girls in Hello Kitty hats collapsing to the ground like they were the god damn Beatles. While they were performing I was frantically looking through Adam Stern tweets ignoring the party I was at and any conversation that came my way, this BTS name has popped up on racing Twitter recently.

This was the tweet;

Formula E paid BTS (Korean NSYNC +2) to be promoters of the series and to help combat climate change. As they jet-set around the globe on a world tour and fly private. Ignoring all of that FE landed potentially the biggest global act on the planet at the moment to represent them. Actually a huge accomplishment.

These BTS characters are killing the game right now. They’re no Psy but the youths seem to like these guys. Through some quick Wiki research, which wasn’t quick because whoever populates that page is extremely wordy. They did a song with Halsey and they formed in 2010. Also, they were not discovered by Simon Cowell so someone else is giving them the old Berry Gordy treatment.

We Need To Talk About This “Accomplishment”

But to stake claim that you have the most retweeted tweet in the history of motorsports is so gimmicky the only series it could come from would be Formula E. Next to NASCAR they have the biggest set of gimmicks in motorsports.

Naturally, they employ a boy band with 90M total social followers to help them “set” this record. If NASCAR were smart, most times they are not, they’d have grabbed Bieber like 5-7 years ago and paid him to help blow NASCAR up on the internet. Instead, they started bringing in YouTube stars last year no one has ever heard of. Like David Lopez, in the words of Conor McGregor “who the fook is that guy?”

Formula E’s tweet didn’t even have anything to do with motorsports. Get me Ellen, Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper, Katniss, Erin Brokovich, Kevin Spacey, and Meryl Streep in front of Kyle Busch’s #18 or Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes and we can knock this record right out of the park.

Formula E is a gimmick racing series where more emphasis is put on the atmosphere than the on-track action. This tweet and claim at a record is just further proof of that.

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