Should Kyle Larson Jeopardize His NASCAR Career To Keep Racing On Dirt?


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Kyle Larson was involved in an accident this week while racing a dirt midget in New Zealand. While crashes involving the car flipping are commonplace in dirt racing Larson’s crash this time was more violent than normal. The car went airborne and flipped violently before coming to a rest. Larson climbed out of the car under his own power but quickly laid down on the ground.

Larson would be transported to a local hospital for evaluation. The next morning he told the AP’s Jenna Fryer that he was fine.

As Larson heads into the last year of his deal with Chip Ganassi Racing on the NASCAR side many fans have questioned if he should continue to race dirt. Many cite the dangers of dirt racing and the risk of jeopardizing his career as for reasons he should step out of the dirt car.

Here’s the thing, Kyle Larson is a racer. Dirt racing is his passion, he’s openly said before he cares more about winning the Chili Bowl and Knoxville Nationals than he does the Daytona 500. And that’s fine. One fan on Twitter said Larson is “just using NASCAR to bankroll his dirt program.” And that’s true. The same way you work 40 hours a week to bankroll your hobby. Speaking of that, stop doing that hobby it is jeopardizing your career.

NASCAR fans have this weird obsession that it’s NASCAR vs. every other type of racing. Just embrace guys and girls who want to be racers. Drivers like Larson need to be celebrated, a guy willing to race anything at any time. Multiple types of dirt cars, multiple NASCAR series, IMSA, he’s stated he wants to do the Indy 500. That’s a racer, and it’s great he wants to step outside of NASCAR.

The only question this really should raise is how does NASCAR make their racing more enticing? Larson is wandering from NASCAR because the racing isn’t exciting. Dirt racing is the most exciting form of racing in the country they just don’t have a TV deal to showcase it.

Kyle Larson should keep racing dirt. So should Christopher Bell, Ricky Stenhouse, and everyone else that wants put their skills to use. Flat foot, full-throttle through the turns isn’t racing.

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