By The Numbers: NASCAR Ruined Martinsville

NASCAR did it, the managed to ruin Martinsville.

A near-impossible task was accomplished by the brain trust in Daytona.

NASCAR’s fall race at Martinsville was statistically the worst race at the track in nearly every category in the last six years. It also matched the abysmal spring race with only three lead changes. Take a look at the numbers, we’ll meet you on the other side.

2019’s fall race at Martinsville featured the lowest number of leaders, lead changes, green flag passes and marginally better quality passes. It was by all accounts a meh race both on visually and on the stat sheet. The leader was next to impossible to pass, track position was king and it always is at Martinsville but this year it’s been because passing has been impossible. If you’re looking for a positive, the passing numbers did increase slightly over the spring, so Steve O’Donnell and gang can boast about that.

What changed though? Easy answer, the aero package.

In the spring race, Brad Keselowski led 446 laps, in the fall Martin Truex Jr. led 464 laps. Maybe these two cars just hit the setup, maybe in back to back races, something that has never happened before at Martinsville happened again. However, our sample size with the 2019 aero package at Martinsville now consists of two. In both races, the race featured only three lead changes and a dominant winner. Statistically speaking the sample size points to the 2019 aero package.

We’ve seen this aero package perform really well at some tracks this season and really bad at others. While NASCAR somewhat fixed Kansas, Kentucky, etc. They managed to ruin Martinsville, Watkins Glen, and others. Once the stalwarts of good races on the schedule performed so poorly this year fans won’t soon forget it.

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