Floyd Mayweather & The Money Team Appear To Be Going NASCAR Racing

Can you be a NASCAR owner if you can’t read? Doesn’t appear to matter as Floyd Mayweather and group The Money Team appear to be going NASCAR racing. According to their website, they’ll be going racing very soon too.

First posted on r/NASCAR Friday morning, The Money Team Racing is no longer a rumor in the garage but rather a full-blown fact. Complete with a Twitter handle @TMTRacing50, website (TheMoneyTeamRacing.com), and a rendering of what their car will look like to boot.

According to the team’s website (which wasn’t accessible on Chrome from my MacBook but was from my phone), the #50 TMT Chevy will be making their debut at Homestead in a mere three weeks. Debuting your team in Miami at the Championship Finale is certainly one way to make an entrance into the sport.

Mayweather is accustomed to competiting at the highest level. With a 50-0 record, Floyd has never experienced defeat. Unfortunately for him and TMT defeat is something they need to accept when starting this team. No longer can they pick and choose their opponents when the time benefits them. And the threat of purse negotiation doesn’t matter in NASCAR. All major team owners are coming with deeper pockets. It will be interesting to see how the TMT way of business correlates to NASCAR.

What We Know

Details are still scarce when it comes to TMT Racing’s plans. What we do know according to their website is they will be making their debut at Homestead. We also know that they apparently will be running the #50. Obviously a nod to Floyd’s 50-0 record. Outside of that, the rest is unknown. Chris Knight from Catchfence.com mentioned Friday that the team would be partnered with an existing Chevy team. If we’re putting money on it look for them to be getting their cars from RCR.

It’ll be interesting to see what the future plans for this team are. Floyd is a competitive person who likely won’t want to take the Jay Robinson approach to running NASCAR but rather the Barney Visser approach. However, NASCAR is expensive so how much will Floyd want to dip into his pockets? Hopefully, more details come out soon.

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