Are Chevy’s Cup Cars Getting A New Camaro Nose In 2020?

Chevy’s introduction of the Camaro to Cup Series competition has been nothing short of a failure nearly two years into the Camaro era. Things might be set to change in 2020.

Richard Petty mentioned on the Dale Jr. Download this week that Chevy’s Cup cars will have a new nose for the 2020 season. This comes on the heels of Rick Ware and Ernie Cope from JTG mentioning the same thing on Sirius XM a couple of weeks ago.

Chevy will most certainly stick with the Camaro for the 2020 season, a new body would have gone through numerous stages of scrutineering at this point. A nose change, however, wouldn’t have to go through as many hurdles to get approved.

What Would Chevy Change?

The pointiness of the nose.

That in itself is exactly what the manufacturer will change without a doubt. The Camaro ZL1 body was designed to cut through the air and it does that efficiently. However, the manufacturer undoubtedly thought their design would create significant front downforce for their teams. Two years into the Camaro era, that isn’t the case. Chevy’s biggest teams are still struggling to get a handle on their car while Ford and their new Mustang body have already racked up wins. In fact, the Mustang body has 9 wins in 2019, in two years the Camaro body has only 11.

Chevy needs a nose that is less pointy (for superspeedway races) and one that their teams can get a handle on. Going back to a more rounded/flat-nose has to be their approach. Ford’s Mustang body is very similar to its Fusion body, Toyota also didn’t make a drastic change. Chevy tried too hard essentially and they failed.

Expect the next Camaro nose to look similar to the Camaro nose used in the Xfinity Series. Also, expect it to look closer to the same shape as the SS nose.

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Gen-7 Is Coming In 2021, Why Change For A Year?

A number of people have asked about this and it’s a fair question. All three manufacturers are changing bodies for the Gen-7 car in 2021. However, this could give Chevy an opportunity to learn as much about this new nose as they can.

And they want to win.

That right there is why this is apparently happening. Toyota and Ford have curb stomped Chevy the last two seasons. Jimmie Johnson was their last champion in 2016 and Chevy is feeling the pressure. Jim Campbell and the brass in Detroit want to see their cars in Victory Lane. They want wins, they want championships, and more importantly, they want that manufacturer’s title back. Toyota with their 5 teams annihilated Chevy this season and it’s not sitting well with the bowtie. Hence what happened at Talladega.

Look for a new nose to be announced soonish.

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