F1 Is Headed To Miami! For A Parking Lot Race…

Formula 1 has agreed in principle on a deal to bring the upper echelon of motorsports to Miami (kind of). The exact location will be Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida where the abysmal Dolphins play in front of 19 fans and 104 concession walkers.

This deal is contingent on approval by the county. Approximately 8 people have protested the race being held at the stadium. County commissioners are always gung-ho on bringing more money to their county. The hold up could be how much F1 & Dolphins/Hard Rock Stadium owner Stephen Ross asks from the taxpayers for the hosting fee.

If everything passes and this race is greenlit the plan is for the first Miami GP to be held in 2021. Meaning F1 will either add another race to its already long 2020 schedule or we will be losing a race. Hopefully Spain.


Fair question sent in by this astute reader of the blog. It’s a race track, it has turns, straights, more turns, and even a pit lane. Top-notch stuff down in Miami but it is a Herman Tilke design that isn’t stellar for anyone involved. It is better than the original layout in Miami that they wanted to run downtown, that battle-ax layout was straight-up atrocious.

Buddy, that back straight is long, straight, and sets up one hell of a braking zone. Same thing on the front stretch but with a nice curve in it paying homage to Hockenheim where the series should be racing at. The rest is bleh, tight corners, long straights, very uninspiring. Then again what can you expect from a track built in a parking lot in Florida? There is no elevation change in Florida, their highest point is 312 feet.

Plus side it will be a purpose-built track. The downside, it’ll be a purpose-built track in a parking lot of the NFL’s worst team and it’s in Florida.

However this race goes, success, failure, cocaine-fueled orgies, and backroom deals. However, this ends we know there will be a Billy Corben documentary about it and we should all be fine with that.

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