IndyCar Tests New Aeroscreen At Indianapolis And The Boomers Are Upset

IndyCar hosted its first on-track test for the new aeroscreen yesterday at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. In an effort to increase driver safety and build off the success of the FIA mandated halo in open-wheel series across the pond, IndyCar along with Red Bull Technologies developed the aeroscreen.

It’s certainly an optical anomaly the first time your eyes see it. In fact, the more you try to ignore it the more your eyes are drawn to it. It’s a large addition to these cars, so large some engineers are worried about how to compensate for the added weight. It will take time for fans to get used to the visuals of this and for engineers to get it dialed in.

A number of fans have scoffed at the idea of head protection for drivers. “Racing is dangerous,” they say, “drivers know the risk” they’ll add. Truthfully drivers do know the risks but if there’s a way to make something safer then it should certainly be implemented. Driving your road car is dangerous, yet no one complains when shoulder seat belts were added, or airbags, or airbags in the back for your kids. You know the risks of driving, so why is that ok but this isn’t?

While a number of boomers have complained about IndyCar dying because of this the only opinion that matters is that of the drivers. Here is what Will Power had to say after the test, “When you’ve driven it for a day, you’re going to feel naked without it.” Alright, that’s all we needed to hear. Power drove the car for ONE DAY and immediately felt safer. Put them on all the cars, it’s settled.

Visually this aero screen looks different from every angle. From the side, it looks phenomenal. From straight on it looks bulky. From the corner, it looks alright. It doesn’t matter how it looks though, safety is key. Do we all want badass looking race cars? Yes. Do we want drivers to be safe? Absolutely and sometimes we have to sacrifice style for safety.

Boomers Are Angry

You know who the boomers are. People your parent’s age, your uncle, that annoy nosy neighbor down the street who watches you pull in your driveway every night and tracks the people that come in and out of your house while wearing an American flag t-shirt and hating Millenials. Yeah, that guy hates the aero screen.

All of these were pulled from the comment section on IndyCar’s aeroscreen Facebook post.

“IndyCar just died a second death today. The first was because of TG and the split. And just when numbers at the track and on Tv where headed up. And we had a real IndyCar back. They go and do this? A over reaction to JW death. JW would be against this. And his death was a freak thing that happen. Again in over 100 years of IndyCar racing maybe 6 drivers where killed by tires or parts from cars. And all of a sudden we need to have this? Really? Drivers today and the series are so PC and pansies. The real men have left the room.” – Jeff is big mad.

Well it was a good run Indy car…. I’m all about safety but there supposed to be open wheel and open cockpit. It’s racing it’s never going to be totally safe. That’s why it’s an exciting sport to watch. F1 already messed up there cars guess Indy car is next.

Next they’re going they want to enclose the wheels. Come on. The drivers know the risks.

If they want to save lives making racing cars look ugly, a soon they become fully electric, i be done with racing!

Well I just have to say it , is this still an open wheel open cockpit car ? First they tried to cover up the rear wheels…..for safety I get it . Now this monstrosity …. at Indy ? No one wants to get hurt or die…. but it’s just part of what drivers love . I know I sound inhuman or morbid , but drivers have been doing this for a hundred years . Should modern technology take over safety ? I know the answer is yes ….. but I’m just not all in on it .

Never be a boomer. Don’t be one of these people.

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