Is Bubba Wallace A Good Guy For Helping Alex Bowman Cool Off More Or A Bitch For Hitting A Man When He’s Down?

Bubba Wallace and Alex Bowman had a bit of an on-track tiff Sunday at the Charlotte Roval which resulted in Bubba’s #43 stuck against the outside wall.

The whole situation started when Bubba was holding up Bowman, to be clear it was for position. While Bowman wore out his bumper looking for a way past Bubba was flipping him off non-stop according to Bowman. After two laps of it, Bowman had enough and hooked the #43 exiting the chicane. That left Bubba against the outside wall facing the wrong direction until the caution came out.

Good Guy or Bitch?

After the race, Alex Bowman who just drove his balls off to finish second and transfer to the next round got out of his car and immediately went to the ground. Bowman who has been battling an illness since Wednesday looked completely exhausted as he sat against his car drinking water and having it poured over him.

Bubba Wallace proceeded to march down pit road in search of Bowman and rightfully so. And then this happened?

Good guy Bubba saw Alex sitting on the ground, clearly hot, clearly exhausted and tried to cool him off with a refreshing blast of Dasani to the face. Which is how Dasani should be used, never ingest Dasani. That’s trash water. Bubba agrees and wanted to help Alex out by getting him as close to a Brazzers scene as he’ll ever be. Not that I would know what that type of scene looks like.

Or maybe it was a gigantic bitch move to walk down and confront a guy while he was being attended to by an EMT. Most people will side with this option and its fair. Maybe walk down say something and move on. Hash it out next week at Dover or something. It comes off as a little childish.

The confrontation is completely fine. NASCAR fans beg for emotion and the second a driver does it they call him racial slurs. NASCAR fans have no idea what they want. Splashing the water was probably too much but the confrontation was fine. And now this “rivalry” is in the words of JT dead and gone.

Poor Jeff Gordon got hit with water too. Bubba has to be thankful Harvick was standing back to there to push him towards Gordon.

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