Hailie Deegan Got Wrecked In The K&N West Race And That’s Ok

Hailie Deegan has a tendency to rough her fellow drivers up in the K&N Series. NASCAR needs more aggressive drivers and Deegan brings the aggressiveness. In her three K&N Series wins she has had to make contact with the leader each time to get the win.

For the sake of transparency and middle-aged men attacking me on the internet here are her three wins. All three involved contact with the leader. The Las Vegas dirt track win was objectively just racing since the lap car got in the way and Jagger Jones moved off the bottom.

Again, that’s an exciting way to race and perfectly fine.

However, if you’re going to race like that continually eventually other drivers will start racing you that way. Saturday night at Meridian Speedway in Idaho, the site of Deegan’s first win last season, she got a taste of what it’s like to be on the other side of the aggressiveness.

Meridian 2019

All of that brings us to Meridian Speedway Saturday night. With a little over 70 laps to go in the race, Deegan decided to lick the stamp and send it into turn 1. In the process, she doored the #9 of Trevor Huddleston who wasn’t happy about being raced that way.

Huddleston turned Deegan down the straight. The #19 bounced off the wall and then lightly backed into the wall as well. For Huddleston, the initial dooring from Deegan killed his track position. In retaliation, he killed Deegan’s radiator, fair.

It’s Ok Deegan Go Wrecked

The internet was ablaze with takes last night. Mainly from middle-aged men who were white knighting for Deegan, very creepy don’t be that guy. It’s completely fine Huddleston raced Deegan that way, and the fact more people haven’t is a little surprising.

Deegan takes a lot on the race track and objectively drivers have to be selfish. It’s a key characteristic of a good driver by all accounts. However, other drivers remember how they’re raced. Huddleston didn’t appreciate having his night made more difficult and responded appropriately.

Dale Earnhardt, Kevin Harvick, Kyle Busch, Joey Logano, all have gotten wrecked and all are some of the most aggressive drivers in NASCAR history. Not to put Deegan on their level because she’s not, but she brings the aggression those guys did/do. All of those drivers are also some of the smartest drivers in NASCAR history. They know when to temper the aggression and methodically race their way to a win. Deegan will learn that, and she’ll learn it sooner with incidents like this.

This is all part of racing. For the most part, Deegan has been treated with kid gloves, she’s NASCAR’s darling, and brings a rabid fan base with her. It’s a good thing she’s facing adversity now. On top of that the competition only gets harder from here, the drivers only get better, and the aggressiveness only amplifies.

Deegan shouldn’t lose her aggression.

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