RCR Will Release Daniel Hemric, Who Takes Over The #8 In 2020?

Daniel Hemric’s career in Cup for RCR looks a lot like Grandpa Simpson walking into the restaurant.


RCR has cast Daniel Hemric out to sea and cut the line. Bye, sayonara, bon voyage! They’ll be yelling that from Welcome, NC as they pat their new driver on the back as he walks in the shop and drops off the check to the front office like his first day of college.

Hemric hasn’t had a stellar rookie season in the #8 car for RCR. Then again Austin Dillon hasn’t either. Dillon has 4 Top-10 finishes this season and currently sits 21st in points. Hemric has 2 Top-10’s and 1 Top-5 and sits 25th in points. RCR is a mid-pack team, the idea that they would be contenders is a fallacy, however, they do need to compete for The Playoff’s and they didn’t even do that. Hemric isn’t the problem.

Who Takes Over The #8?

Chris Buescher? Nope, would be solid though.

Brandon Jones?! Nope, does bring some of that sweet sponsorship money RCR desires.

Ty Dillon!?! He’s retiring, haven’t you heard?

Nope Daniel Hemric’s replacement already works at RCR. You know who it is. Tyler Reddick will easily be the next driver of the #8 car in 2020. The 2018 Xfinity Series champ who has won 6 races this season as he looks to go back to back this season. It’s a smart move by RCR because he easily has the most raw talent of any prospect they’ve had since Kevin Harvick. Reddick has speed, he needs to refine it a little but he’s got the talent to compete at the Cup level quickly. Oh, he also brings sponsorship. His talent is enough to get him a top ride though.

RCR has major issues. Their #1 driver isn’t a #1 driver. They’re a distant third in the Chevy pecking order. Their engineering department has fallen way behind the rest of the sport. Reddick brings some money, he brings a ton of talent. RCR has to be banking on that for the future of the company.

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