What Would You Have Asked Kyle Busch In The Media Bullpen?

Last night after Kyle Busch ran into the back of backmarker Garrett Smithley you knew the 2015 champ was going to have some things to say.

And he didn’t disappoint.

In his postrace interview, a visibly annoyed Kyle Busch dropped one of the best quotes. “Were the top echelon of motorsports and we have guys out here who have never won late model races” PREACH. This is spot on, 100% correct and something the sport really needs to pay attention too. We said earlier in the year too many guys with too little experience are being allowed to start Cup races. It’s a legit issue that needs to be addressed.

In the media bullpen post-race, Kyle had a pretty typical Kyle reaction. After being asked the same two questions in different forms he frustratingly threw up his hands and said he was answering the “dumbest fucking questions.” Here are the questions;

They were in fact, dumb fucking questions regardless of what Jeff Gluck says.

After pointing out there were dumb on our Twitter account Gluck said: “what would you have asked, genius.” A real zinger that rattled me to my core as I put laundry away at 11 p.m. Don’t judge how I live my domesticated life.

So, what would you have asked Kyle?

Personally, nothing. There isn’t anything of value you’re getting out of that interaction. After the first two questions, you have everything you need. Instead, they asked the same question in a different form until he got annoyed and they got their story.

“Did you hit the back of the #52, got it right, because of the 2019 package” And Gluck should have asked that he likes to pander and that would set Kyle up to crank it out of the park.

A legit question to ask would have been “do you think NASCAR needs a tiered licensing system like the FIA has for F1 to determine if a driver can make Cup starts?”

Other than that there isn’t much to ask Kyle. Unless of course, you want the story to be about Kyle blowing up because the one track action was kind of meh. NASCAR media corps did their job by asking questions. They were just dumb questions in a situation where every question would have been dumb.

“Will this be addressed on Racing Wives next season?”

“If you were a Jedi could you have moved the #52?”

“NASCAR is talking about hybrids, what if they had wings instead of batteries so you could leap cars by air?”

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