Today In Crazy NASCAR Rumor: Ty Dillon Leaving #13 For RCR Management Role

Every NASCAR/racing fan loves a good rumor. Hell, was built on rumors and paint schemes from people in the industry feeding Jayski. With the invent of Twitter rumors about the sport are everywhere. From fake accounts to people with “sources” the NASCAR rumor mill has never turned faster.

Speaking of the “rumor mill” there is a Twitter account called @MillNASCAR who claim to have inside sources. Essentially they take a popular rumor that has some traction and “confirm” it. Then they sit around until it is actually confirmed and say “we broke this story.” Even though everyone in tune with NASCAR already knew this was going to happen.

Last week when IndyCar confirmed they would return to Richmond they mentioned how they said this would happen back in June. You know, when everyone at said it would happen too. Not to say these guys aren’t “industry insiders” but most of their rumors and confirmations are already things most people knew would happen.

Which leads us to a couple of tweets from Tuesday…

Let’s Break This Down

  • Tyler Reddick to the #8 car replacing Daniel Hemric. That’s a rumor we’ve all heard for a while. Reddick’s people have apparently been pushing hard for this move behind the scenes. RCR needs to find a spot for him considering he’s the best driver they have under contract.
  • Hemric to the #13 replacing Ty Dillon. Listen, Daniel Hemric has more driving talent than the brothers Dillon. However, moving to the #13 isn’t a lateral move, it’s quite literally a step back. Sure he can run there for a few years and be competitive at plate tracks and Bristol. But he’s not going to turn the program around, they lack everything outside of driving talent.
  • Hold up, what about Ty Dillon? According to these guys Dillon will be stepping out of the car and moving into a management role at RCR. Taking the old Jon Wood/Ricky Hendrick approach to racing. Which is strange because of the two Dillon brothers Ty likely has the most natural talent.

So will Ty Dillon step out of the car to join the ranks of RCR management? Someone has to take over the team someday, that’s just a reality of life. Maybe Ty Dillon is positioning himself to be the heir apparent. Imagine a Succession style Tv show but one where the Dillon’s are competing to lead a third-tier Chevy team.

We’ll see if @MillNASCAR are correct. If they hit on this one maybe we’ll pay more attention. Their latest tweet, Harrison Burton to JGR’s #20 Xfinity team, no kidding guys. That’s been the rumor for over a month now.

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