NASCAR Is Getting A Netflix Series, Except It’s Going To Suck

NASCAR announced a new series coming to Netflix on Wednesday. After the resounding success of F1’s Drive To Survive series, NASCAR fans clamored to have their sport featured in the same light.

So NASCAR listened to fans begging for a show on Netflix. They listened to what the fans wanted, laughed and tossed all of it out the window.

Instead of a documentary-style show that could show the human element of the sport as F1 did, NASCAR decided to take a different approach. A scripted comedy with Kevin James will be coming to Netflix in the somewhat near future.

Just what the fans wanted. Another show that will do nothing but spoof on the sport. While a large portion of NASCAR fans have attempted to convince people NASCAR is more than just rednecks and turning left the sport has doubled down and continues to make fun of itself. Talladega Nights was a funny movie but in the grand scheme of things it hurt the sport in terms of mainstream culture taking it seriously.

Before F1: Drive To Survive most Americans paid little to no attention to F1. After the introduction of the show and it’s immediate popularity on Netflix Americans started paying attention. So many more Americans are paying attention now a second US Grand Prix is imminent. Drive To Survive provided everything, controversy, competition, drama, and look into the world of F1.

NASCAR had an opportunity to do just that, instead, they punted. Instead of giving people outside of the sport a genuine look at the sport we’re getting a Kevin James comedy. Paul Blart the Mall Cop is going to be a curmudgeon crew chief. How original, that hasn’t been done before.

Here is what the official NASCAR release said about the show:

Crew chief Kevin will be the old-school sort, more likely to don a Darlington Throwback than anything else. But his old-school ways will be out of style with a rapidly modernizing sport: Think your dad telling you to put the cell phone away at dinner in order to have an actual face-to-face conversation.

How quirky and original. An old guy who is grumpy at millennials and technology. Cool to see NASCAR go outside the box with this show. This show is aimed at middle-America and no one else. It’s going to feature the same cheap, boring, conservative, comedy The Ranch and that Tim Allen shows that I’m too lazy to look up feature.

So while F1 produces award-winning mini-docs each weekend NASCAR fans get Racing Wives and The Crew w/Kevin James. This sport stinks when it comes to media branding, absolutely putrid.

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