Let’s Break Down The Record Long 2020 F1 Schedule

The 2020 F1 Schedule was officially announced Thursday morning and it breaks the record for most races in a season. Next year teams will traverse the globe chasing 22 trophies across 5 continents once again.

Among the biggest changes, this year are the Dutch Grand Prix and the Vietnamese Grand Prix. One race is more anticipated than the other but maybe Vietnam will become the next Baku, who knows. Regardless let’s break down the 2020 schedule.

March 15, 2020, Australian Grand Prix

Once again the season starts in Melbourne. Prince Albert Park provides a perfect backdrop for the start of the Formula 1 season. As the southern hemisphere heads to fall the series is always treated to some perfect golden hour shots as the race winds down. Only negative, middle of the night for everyone on the east coast.

March 22, 2020, Bahrain Grand Prix

We’re going back to back right off the bat. F1 will again visit the purpose-built circuit in the south of Bahrain. Located in the middle of the desert not far from the Prince’s palace Sakhir gives us some fantastic shots of the cars under the lights. Since it transitioned to a night race it certainly has been exciting for the 500 guests at the track and millions on TV. Human rights be damned, we’re going back to Bahrain!

April 5, 2020, Vietnam Grand Prix

Bernie abandoned this idea years ago after Korea and India failed but here we are, going to Vietnam. A hybrid circuit of purpose-built and the streets of Hanoi designed by Hermann Tilke (fuck) will great teams when they arrive in early April.

April 19, 2020, Chinese Grand Prix

Shanghai is an interesting circuit and has seen its share of drama since it debuted on the schedule in 2004. Again middle of the night on the east coast, a real downer. Smog also, not great.

May 3, 2020, Dutch Grand Prix

Zandvoort is back on schedule for the first time since 1985. Fueled by the Max Verstappen hysteria F1 is looking to capitalize. A cool 1-million people have requested tickets, the circuit can hold 105,000. It’s going to be an absolutely insane atmosphere.

May 10, 2020, Spanish Grand Prix

Rumors were Catalunya was going to be dropped and we were ecstatic. Here we are though, going back on a one year deal to watch a parade.

May 24, 2020, Monaco Grand Prix

Monaco continues in its traditional Memorial Day slot and will forever.

June 7, 2020, Baku

We can spell Azerbaijan if we wanted to. However, in its short time on the calendar, Baku has earned the right to go by just Baku. If something crazy happens you just say, Baku, and other F1 fans understand. Hamilton’s headrest fell off, Lance Stroll finished on the podium and Seb lost his cool? Baku. *shrugs*

June 14, 2020, Canadian Grand Prix

Circuit Gilles Villeneuve is an all-time classic.

June 28, 2020, French Grand Prix

Ahh going to race in a parking lot for the third year in a row. Will be fun for Esteban Ocon though.

July 5, 2020, Austrian Grand Prix

Austria always delivers and did once again in 2019. Excited to go back and see that insane Atmosphere.

July 19, 2020, British Grand Prix

Silverstone is great but we still want the old circuit back. Insane atmosphere much like Austria.

August 2, 2020, Hungarian Grand Prix

Hungaroring is another classic circuit that we never want to see leave.

August 30, 2020, Belgian Grand Prix

Spa has to remain on the calendar as long as F1 exists.

September 6, 2020, Italian Grand Prix (Probably)

See above.

September 20, 2020, Singapore Grand Prix

Ahh the first night race in F1. Fantastic atmosphere, decent race most years.

September 27, 2020, Russian Grand Prix

One gigantic parade for Vladimir to get off too.

October 11, 2020, Japanese Grand Prix

Earlier this week someone threw massive shade at Suzuka and I for one will not stand for that slander. It’s a classic F1 circuit in every sense of the word. And it’s a figure-8.

October 25, 2020, United States Grand Prix

COTA said as long as F1 ran a USGP it’d be in Austin. Fine with it.

November 1, 2020, Mexican Grand Prix

This race almost got dropped for 2020 but nevertheless, we’re going back to parade through a baseball stadium. Bring back the old configuration, cowards.

November 15, 2020, Brazilian Grand Prix

Brazil is a crazy place, their new President Bolsonaro is a certified crazy person. A lot of talk has been about moving this race to a street race in Rio. Fuck that. Interlagos is where F1 needs to be and it should be the final round of the championship.

November 29, 2020, Abu Dhabi

Ever seen a good race at Yas Marina? Yeah me either.

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