NASCAR on NBC Interviews A Gay Crew Member, NASCAR Facebook Commenters Respond How You Expect

If you walked out of your office/place of work, found the nearest person and asked them to describe a NASCAR fan to you they’d likely pick from this list of nouns and adjectives: Racist, Homophobe, Redneck, uneducated, stupid, southern.

For over the last decade NASCAR as a governing body has tried to free itself of these stereotypes while also enabling some of these stereotypes at the same time. Looking at everyone flying the Confederate Flag in the infield and the sport doing nothing about it other than saying weakly “hey guys, take that down.” Then not following up.

So when NASCAR on NBC’s podcast did an interview with openly gay Stewart-Haas Racing crew member Ryan Hines everyone on the internet acted acceptingly and supported him.

Yeah, you’re not stupid. NASCAR fans took to the Facebook comments and let their true colors shine. In 2019 there are still people who say “It’s Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve” and actually mean it. As much as we as a fan base try to shed this negative stereotype these mouth-breathing inbreds keep coming out of the woods to bring us all down.

Here is a small collection of what was said. These were all pulled from the first 50 of 794 comments, so yeah, it probably got worse.

Yeah, pray for someone who is happy with their life. Speaking of “uneducated” Sonny here doesn’t know the difference between “no” and “know” but he knows he’s going to heaven.

Brian is definitely that guy who has to tell you about every hot girl that he sees. Call his wife his “old lady” and makes sexual jokes all the time. But doesn’t want to know who you sleep with even though he tells you every day.

Ahh, the classic “Jeff Gordon is gay” take, classic. Ramon needs a prayer before the race or he’ll stop watching. I for one would be ok with losing Ramon from the fanbase.

Sean, NASCAR literally has to go left.

The funniest thing about homophobic people talking about gay people is they always say “I don’t care what they do in their bedroom” And Ryan never once said anything about the gay sex he may potentially have. Not once has a gay person ever walked up to you and started talking about the sex they had. It’s hilarious.

Karyn sent us on a roller coaster there. At first, you think she’s going to be supportive. Then the second paragraph takes a turn. Fuck the progressive agenda or something. Oh and keep NASCAR out of college football.

Kenny, I disagree. Have you seen The View?

Comparing working at a salon to working in NASCAR is not something I’d ever thought would happen but we’re here now. And yeah that commie NBC trying to push their liberal ideas on us. THEY GOT DALE!

Safe to say James is a racist and homophobe in my humble opinion. (Have to say that in case he’s litigious)

Andy Clark insinuating Nate Ryan is gay while having the worst hairline at hedonism 2k19.

Was not aware NBC had an obsession with homosexuality but we’ll do some research.

Hey, Brian is back! Ahhh yes switching from the bowtie to the blue oval makes you a queer. A take as old as time.

How about we just all be accepting. We have bigger things to worry about like the national debt, Greenland, too much downforce and what the hell the Gen 7 looks like.

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