Don’t Be The Person To Tell Robert Wickens How To Feel About Pocono

For the second year in a row Turn 2 at Pocono was the center of attention in the IndyCar world.

Last season a terrifying wreck on lap 5 of 200 sent Robert Wickens into the fence ultimately paralyzing him and for the moment restricting him to a wheelchair.

This year on the first lap of the race another terrifying wreck sent Felix Rosenqvist to the hospital. He’s fine and has already been released. However another car went into the fence, more cars smashed into the wall and everyone was reminded of last year’s awful wreck.

IndyCar and Pocono have a long history together. Unfortunately, that history has been rather dark and grim the last few years. In 2015 Justin Wilson lost his life. In 2018 Robert Wickens got paralyzed. In 2019 Felix went into the fence but thankfully everyone walked away. Because of this dark turn in recent years, many have wondered why the series keeps going to Pocono?

Indianapolis doesn’t see the same number of incidents like Pocono. Likely due to the two weeks of practice leading up to the event. How much narrower the track is and everyone’s understanding of how that race runs. Pocono the last two seasons were ruined by overzealous drivers early in the race. Place blame on both the car and track.

Wickens Speaks, DARFs Attack

Robert Wickens voiced his displeasure with the series racing at Pocono Sunday after the accident. Wickens is potentially the person the series and fans should listen to most. He was there, he survived a terrible accident and he knows what it’s like to run this race.

Unfortunately, there are a whole heap of dumbass race fans out there who attacked Wickens for a take that most sensible fans agree with. Here’s the thing, none of these fans have ever driven and IndyCar. To start your tweet off with “I disagree” you have to think “who the fuck are you?” to tell someone who lived this what is the correct take.

IndyCar fans look a lot like NASCAR fans in Robbie’s mentions. It’s sad to see that fans are seemingly ok with a driver dying because “they know the risks.” And sure they do know those risks but if something keeps happening over and over it’s smart to step back and change things. And as awesome as Pocono is it’s time to leave it alone for now.

And next time before you want to disagree with someone thinks about what they’ve been through if they’ve lived something you’re about to criticize.

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