Racing Wives Episode 1 Recap: Whitney Dillon, Sheesh

Months after it was originally slated to premiere on CMT the hotly dreaded debut of “Racing Wives” finally graced our televisions. And folks it was a doozy. A 10 p.m. time slot on a Friday night is not a vote of confidence for this show and there’s a reason for that.

Back when this trailer first dropped it was evident this show was the idea of Whitney Dillon (Austin’s wife) and her friend Mariel (engaged to Paul Swan on Austin’s pit crew). Episode 1 featured ALOT of those two and their friendship. Which is basically that of two girls who randomly dorm together in college and are inseparable their freshman year except they’re both approaching 30.

Whitney Dillion, Sheesh

Whitney Dillon still thinks she is the first trophy girl to marry a driver. “I’ve basically opened the door for trophy girls to marry drivers.” Not for nothing but drivers have been dating trophy girls since the sport started. Jeff Gordon married one back in the ’90s. Brooke was the OG of this and Whitney isn’t showing the respect.

Within the first 2 minutes of the show, she dropped the married line and she said: “Austin’s won 2 championships and he’ll win a third.” Which is laugh out loud funny and also breaking news because the only way he can do that is to go back to the truck series? Dust off those Silverados boys.

On top of all of this Whitney’s voice is excruciating. When it comes to accents the southern belle type of accent is easily the worst. It almost sounds put on or she strains it to be stronger than it is. Regardless I’d rather listen to Yoko Ono ruin a Beatles song.

Oh the last thing on Whitney Dillon, she can’t pronounce “philanthropy.” Like a standard word in the English language, just can’t say it. She’s proud to be from Tennessee which ranks 30th in education and it shows.

Mariel and Paul Swan

In fairness, Mariel seems like a nice person. Her accent much like Whitney’s is infuriating but she doesn’t seem to be a try-hard like her bestie.

She did explain that she’s celibate which is the most southern thing ever. Meaning Paul Swan her fiance hasn’t had sex in three years. She used to have sex, now she doesn’t. Because she “wants to do it gods way” but she’s already had sex? Whatever I’m not here to judge people for doing weird shit with their lives. The biggest takeaway I got from this part of the show, Paul wants to fuck. Poor guy is just watching movies in bed with this girl which is lovely but after three years you can only see so many movies. Good for her though controlling herself and dictating what she does with her body just a wild concept to everyone, not from south of the Mason-Dixon line.

Kyle & Samantha Busch

Samantha Busch is definitely a driving force behind this show even existing. Every NASCAR fan knows Samantha not much to add on her front. She’s outgoing, owns a boutique-like any NASCAR wife, way more attractive than her husband like most wives and like her kid.

The best part is a look at Kyle Busch away from the race track. “I look like Pee-Wee Herman” is a fantastic line from Kyle. Outside of that when Samantha introduces Amber Balcaen she explains that she’s been in 16 races the last two years up by Canada and he goes “hmm cool.” For anyone that knows racing and KBM it was a pretty funny reaction.

Amber Balcaen

Amber is a race car driver from Canada who moved to Charlotte in the hopes of going big time stock car racing. She lands a meeting with Samantha Busch totally not because they’re on this show together about running some races for KBM.

KBM’s late model program is the best in the country, this girl is basically asking for a ride at Joe Gibbs Racing on the Cup side. And she’s only run 16 races. Her Racing-Reference page leaves a little to be desired too.

You have to appreciate her desire to be in a race car. Doing shots with Whitney and Mariel at the charity event wasn’t a great look though. That was a big deal on the show from Samantha’s standpoint. But spoiler alert, she gets two races with KBM in a super late model.

Kurt and Ashley Busch

Just likable. Not much else to say about them.

Will We Watch Episode 2?

You bet your sweet ass we will! The teaser for next week is Mariel getting mad that Whitney and Samantha were wearing “best friends” t-shirts and that’s the kind of petty drama I need in my life on a Friday night.

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