Twitter Round-Up: Nike Triggers Trump NASCAR Fans With New Racing Inspired Shoe

It’s safe to say a large portion of NASCAR fans double as red hat-wearing Donald Trump fans as well. Chants of “build that wall” haven’t broken out at race tracks yet but Daniel Suarez hasn’t won. Go to any race track and next to a confederate flag in the infield you’ll see a Trump “Make America Great Again” flag flying close by. They go together like Adolf and Eva, inseparable.

So when Donald Trump’s sworn enemy Nike released a NASCAR inspired shoe the MAGA snowflakes reacted accordingly. With level headed thoughts and an understanding that while they didn’t like it they understood other people would and respected that.

Just kidding they were not happy Nike was appropriating their culture to sell shoes. Even though the majority of these mouth breathers have no clue what cultural appropriation is.

This is NASCAR after all, the anti-Colin Kaepernick crowd, the “we stand for the flag” crowd. All of which they mentioned in their tweets.

Charlotte Motor Speedway deleted their tweet. As a guy whose job it is to run social accounts for large organizations I completely understand why they deleted it. However, I think we’d all like to see more people make fools of themselves.

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