Is This NASCAR EVP Steve O’Donnell’s Burner Twitter Account?

Burner accounts on Twitter dot com have grown in popularity over the last few years. In an effort to express a controversial opinion or help promote their agenda people make these fake accounts and hide behind these newfound names.

Kevin Durant famously got exposed for having a burner account where he would stoke the flames of internet debate. In fact, burner accounts in the NBA seem to be a relatively common thing and every now and then they get exposed.

Now people are wondering if one of NASCAR’s highest-ranking executives has a burner account too. User @Ahhhhhh85405959 popped up on NASCAR Twitter last month when the account was created. Since then they have interacted with a number of popular NASCAR accounts, spewed some hot takes, and has claimed to be an “industry insider.”

That is a look at the Twitter account. The name was changed to 33 lead changes but we’re not sure why. Kentucky featured just 15 lead changes and Daytona had 24. It’d be very on-brand for a NASCAR exec to push false numbers. Which brings us to who follows this account. Interestingly enough the account follows zero people, weird considering it interacts with a number of people. The most interesting part is who the 8 people are that follow the account. You likely already picked up on where we’re going.

NASCAR Executive Vice President Steve O’Donnell follows this account.

Weird for a member of the NASCAR exec team to follow an account just created in June that only tweets at people and posts no tweets other than replies. Even stranger considering this account defends NASCAR ad nauseam, lauds the 2019 package, and attacks the journalist who regularly question the direction of the sport.

O’Donnell is known for responding to fans on Twitter and explaining what the sport is doing, etc. He’s not the attack dog Brent DeWar was but he doesn’t shy away from meddling in some hot takes and expressing his opinion.

There is nothing directly linking O’Donnell to this burner Twitter account. However, the things the account talks about combined with the fact one of its 8 followers os O’Donnell certainly starts to link the two together. And Steve is a savvy guy but it would be the ultimate middle-aged guy move to make a burner and then follow himself.

We’ll see how long this account stays active for.

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