By The Numbers: New Superspeedway Package Delivers Again This Time At Daytona

Turns out gigantic spoilers, ride height rules and the threat of rain make for a really entertaining superspeedway package. Following 2018’s absolute duds on the superspeedways where NASCAR implemented the no ride height rule the 2019 version has proven to be massively better.

Here’s the thing the first time we saw this package was at Talladega in the spring and the numbers didn’t exceed some of the previous spring races. It did blow 2018 out of the water but what we saw on track was massively more entertaining that what we previously saw. It was possible to pass the leader, finally. And we saw that again on Sunday. Take a look at the numbers from Sunday’s rain shortened race:

2019’s race destroyed the 2018 race and we only went 127 laps on Sunday. Basically 3k more green flag passes and nearly as many leaders/lead changes. The 2019 package on superspeedways is working and it’s made these 4 races more enjoyable after the dullness of 2018.

Green flag pitstops, of course, helped out with the number but green flag stops aren’t an anomaly on superspeedways anymore. Each manufacturer has their own agenda and they run the stages backward like a road course. The last 33 laps of the race would certainly have helped out the numbers even more. With half the field missing it likely wouldn’t have passed the 2016 race but it would have been up there.

One of the more interesting stats of the day has to do with race winner Justin Haley. For the first time in history (from what we could find) the race winner had zero quality passes. Meaning Justin Haley didn’t pass for a position in the Top-15 under green flag conditions. That’s insane, hysterical, and chaotic at the same time.

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