Brad Keselowski Thinks Dogs &Tyrann Mathieu Are Weak For Complaining About Hot Cars

NASCAR’s resident intellectual dumb person Brad Keselowski took to the internet Friday night to piggyback on something r/NASCAR posted.

The NASCAR subreddit posted the picture of NFL player Tyrann Mathieu who did a PSA last year about the dangers of leaving your dog in a hot car. Mathieu lasted 8 minutes before he had to get out of the 120 degree car drenched in sweat and with a new understanding of just how dangerous it is to leave your pet unattended.

NASCAR drivers deal with 120 degree temperatures on nearly a weekly basis. Which prompted some mouth breather to post “I guess we know who the real athletes are now” as if surviving in extreme heat is some sort of sport. Keselowski saw that and posted this to Twitter dot com.

Just an incredibly tone deaf response to what was meant to be a helpful PSA. A normal person is getting out of that car in the same time as Tyrann. Keselowski seems to think Tyrann and dogs are pussies for not being able to endure the torture of sitting in a hot car for hours on end.

Brad fails to mention that his car has air blowing in the window, a cool box blowing on his head, a cool suit on under your firesuit and the ability to pack ice bags into your fire suit every pitstop. He somehow compared that to sitting in a hot car with no AC, no windows open and the 90-degree sun beating down on the car. It was an incredibly stupid statement to make and one that should have been deleted. Instead, Brad has left it up and ignored the criticism. One thing is for certain, don’t trust Brad K. with your dog.

Tyrann Mathieu Responds

In a since deleted tweet Tyrann Mathieu came from the top rope for Brad K.

Tyrann is ready to throw hands because the Honeybadger doesn’t play any games. I’m scared and I didn’t even tweet this out. Brad should be shaking in the Adidas’ his wife picked out for him.

The tweet has since been deleted. A big bummer because when the series goes back to Kansas this fall it would have been awesome to have Tyrann there and watch Brad attempt to avoid him.

Keselowski has had a self-induced dumb week. First, he compared how much money he makes to the USWNT. Then he dumped William Byron and said he was sending a “message” to which Jimmie Johnson said, “to who?” And then he goes after puppies. WHO GOES AFTER PUPPIES?! Not even Hitler hated puppies.

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