Stadium Tracks, Dirt Tracks, Rockingham? NASCAR’s Fan Council Survey Had Some Interesting Questions About the 2021 NASCAR Schedule

Are you a proud member of the exclusive NASCAR Fan Council? We were blessed enough to receive and invite to help shape the future of the sport. By receive and invite I mean we put our email addresses into the prompt and NASCAR sends us emails. So to the guy that has “NASCAR Fan Council Member” in his Twitter bio, what are you doing?

A recent survey sent out asked fans what they wanted to see out of the 2021 NASCAR Schedule. There were some interesting questions, ones that seemed a little far fetched. However NASCAR is asking the questions and potentially listening to what fans have to say which is nice. Here is what was in that 2021 Schedule survey.

What Do You Think About This Track _________?

The survey started off with 9 race tracks and each had a 1-5 scale like you see below. The nine tracks were Darlington, Kentucky, Pocono, Rockingham, ISM, Chicagoland, Sonoma, Charlotte Oval, and Vegas. It’s interesting Rockingham was included since it hasn’t hosted a Cup race since 2004 and a NASCAR race since 2013 when Kyle Larson won the truck race there. The others included are generally among the most griped about by fans outside of Darlington.

What Kind Of Track Do You Like?

How far would you be willing to travel for a certain type of track. Fans will travel if the race is good and the location has something to offer. The racing at Iowa might be good but it’s Iowa. Not a knock on the fine people of the Hawkeye State but it’s not where you want to take the family on summer vacation. If anyone said they would attend a 1.5-mile race regardless of how long it took to travel we need have a discussion.

NASCAR: International

Men in Black just went international, why can’t NASCAR. The series wants to know if they should host races on every continent not named Antartica. With climate change rapidly melting the ice caps the idea of an Antartica race isn’t out of the question. The cool temperatures would do wonders for the 2019 package.

NASCAR wants to have international races, whether that’s a points race or an exhibition they’re asking fans for their input. You can almost bet NASCAR will make a visit to Australia and Asia soon for exhibition races. A points race in Canada is a very real possibility.

Street course, Dirt Track, or Stadium Track?

People are clamoring for a street course which would be a fun novelty. However NASCAR fans love to mock Monaco for being a parade. You put stock cars on a street course and it’s going to be a parade. It could be fun with the proper layout. A dirt track, ehhh not really sold on Cup cars being on dirt. Eldora essentially turns into an asphalt track with all the rubber the trucks lay down.

A stadium track? This is the first any of us have heard about this. Building a 1/4 mile track in an existing stadium is certainly a new idea none of us have heard yet. Basically they want to bring Bowman Gray to places like New York and Los Angeles apparently. The logistics of pulling that off seem like a nightmare but we’ll play the game.

Ok, But Where?

Now they ask where we’d like to see a street race, dirt race, and stadium race. One thing is for sure, they’re interested in untapped markets, especially out west.


Next question is who would we like to see paired with the Cup Series. No one should want the Truck Series paired with the Cup Series. The Trucks need their own scheduled more aimed at short tracks and grass roots racing. Regardless of what Fox wants to do.

NASCAR needs to do a double header with IndyCar. Sure IndyCar says “not this year, maybe next” to everything but eventually that next year will finally come. Also, F1 and NASCAR doubleheader? Who do they think they’re kidding?

Final Regular Season Race?

Finally the last question, where do you want to the cutoff race to be. Right now that race is Indianapolis and the only worst option would have been Pocono. There’s a list of races there, but you can only pick one. Choose wisely.

NASCAR is asking a lot of questions, we’ll see if the 2021 schedule gets the shake up we all so desperately want. Interestingly enough the idea of weeknight races wasn’t posed.

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