NASCAR’s Social Media Team Photoshopped IndyCar’s Justin Wilson Memorial Drive Across The Golden Gate Bridge

NASCAR is in Sonoma this weekend which if you didn’t know is in the Bay Area. Meaning you have to cross the Golden Gate Bridge to get there if you’re coming from San Francisco. The bridge is obviously the most iconic landmark in San Francisco, everyone takes pictures there, Asians whip out their iPads on a selfie stick, basic white girls nearly fall off the walls to get the perfect picture. Contrary to what Godzilla showed it’s still standing, Caesar and his pals haven’t taken it over and the Rock is no where to be found.

What you can find though is a NASCAR social post showing the full Cup field crossing the bridge. You know because that’s how you get to Sonoma from North Carolina. Here’s the photo though, Chase Elliott leading the field to green at Dover at Sonoma.

Pretty good photoshop, I mean better than what the Raptors did with the bridge. But how did they manage to get a picture where the entire northbound lane is completely open? And one where the Cadillac SUV in the southbound lane looks like it’s hitting its brakes because it wants to catch a glimpse of this sight. Not to mention the people lining the railings. Man, the NASCAR social team did something halfway decent for once.

Oh, wait. This is an IndyCar picture they took, photoshopped out the IndyCar’s, added a filter, and cropped out some things on both sides. Taking this top of a NASCAR/IndyCar doubleheader to the next level.

It Gets Worse

Not only is this an IndyCar photo. It’s also the photo the series took when the cars went across the bridge in 2015 paying tribute to Justin Wilson. Sonoma was the finale for the 2015 IndyCar season and the first race after Wilson’s unfortunate death at Pocono. To pay tribute to him ¬†Will Power, Josef Newgarden, Graham Rahal, and James Hinchliffe followed Wilson’s #25 driven by Marco Andretti across the bridge. A solemn tribute to a great man and driver.

This is a really bad look for NASCAR’s social team. Once again they have zero awareness. THEY TOOK A PHOTO FROM THE TRIBUTE OF A MAN WHO DIED AND PUT THEIR CARS OVER IT. Just do better, NASCAR. It’s not that difficult. Don’t photoshop over the picture of a tribute to a guy who died. Not that difficult.

When it comes to Sonoma the entire social team should just take the week off. Last year it was “wheel hopping” but the picture was of the cars hopping the curb, not wheel hopping. This year they used a photo of a turn that they’ll no longer use with the new layout and now this. Sonoma and NASCAR’s social team just don’t get along due to pure ignorance on the social teams part.

All they had to do was Google “Empty Golden Gate Bridge” and they could easily have found what they wanted. Like this.

Image result for empty golden gate bridge

Instead they got lazy and that’s the biggest issue with NASCAR’s social team at this point. It’s not hard to be good at their jobs, in fact a number of people on social do a better job as is. Perhaps, once again with my crazy ideas here, they hire people who watch the sport to do social for them.

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