Ross Chastain Can’t Have Nice Things. Becomes NASCAR’s First Victim To Be Disqualified After A Win, Do We Like This?

Ross Chastain did exactly what he needed to do Sunday at Iowa Speedway. He led the most laps, won both stages and took the checkered flag for his second victory of the season and first since switching his full-time points over to the truck series.

A win on Sunday put Chastain and his small Niece Motorsports team only 14 points outside of the Top-20 in the standings. Over the next 6 races all they needed to do was going 14 points. A feat that would easily be accomplished by this team with Ross Chastain behind the wheel.

If you didn’t read the headline of this blog Ross Chastain’s happy ending came crashing down. Once again, Ross isn’t allowed to have nice things. After celebrating in Victory Lane and smashing a watermelon Ross stuck around to help the track clean up the mess he created before heading over to the garage where his team was with the race truck.

As you know by now his truck was deemed too low by NASCAR, their word was “extremely” low thus disqualifying him from the race and forcing him to vacate his win to second-place finisher Brett Moffitt.

With that DQ Chastain lost all of his stage points and points for winning. He was credited with a 32nd place finish and the 5 points that come along with it. There’s still hope for watermelon boy, another win and consistent runs over the next six weeks will put him in the playoffs.

So, Do We Like This New Rule?

For years now NASCAR fans have clamored for the governing body to strip wins away from cars that fail post race inspection. NASCAR would previously take away the points, fine the team but let them keep the trophy and the record of winning that race. The new rule strips all points and takes the trophy right out of their hands and into the hands of the second place finisher, much like short track racing.

Now that we’ve experienced this for the first time, do we like this?

Most fans were unhappy with the ruling and it’s for one reason, Ross Chastain. This guy does nothing but run well in underfunded equipment and whenever something goes right for him something really bad has to happen. Fans just want to see Ross succeed and this decision didn’t sit well with them.

If this happened to say Kyle Busch or Joey Logano you wouldn’t hear a peep out of NASCAR fans. The general consensus would be “they get what they deserve.” Like most sports the base has the people who they hate and want all of the rules applied to. And then they have the people they like and are willing to let skirt the rules.

It does suck that Ross Chastain had to be the first driver hit with this penalty. As a massive fan favorite NASCAR didn’t make themselves and friends with this decision. However, we as fans asked for this type of rule. Just because we like a driver more than another doesn’t mean rules shouldn’t be applied the same. This is still a good rule, it just happened to make its first ruling against a guy everyone likes.

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