MTJ Complains: Says Joey Logano Jumped Final Restart At Michigan

This week on Martin Truex Jr. complains about something his target is Joey Logano. Not because he thinks the #22 raced him too hard, no we’ll save that for next week and the week after. This week his complaint is with the final restart. Specifically that Joey Logano jumped the final restart.

Here is what Truex had to say post-race about the Logano restart.  “he went a whole car length before the restart zone. “I don’t know how you get away with that, I thought we were supposed to go in the box. I guess they don’t enforce those rules anymore. We’ll have to remember that for next time.”

Sooooo did Logano leave early? Cale Grimes was in the stands Monday and just happened to pull his phone out to record the final restart. Take a look;

Yeah, definitely left early

Logano clearly goes before the restart zone. There’s no disputing that one. For the first time in what feels like forever Truex’s complaining is warranted and of course it had to come in a situation with Logano. There’s no doubting the #22 jumped the restart though, that was clear as day. The leader is allowed to restart the race anywhere in that restart box. If the leader fails to do that the field goes off the green flag. Logano just decided to go when his little heart desired.

Truex wasn’t the only driver to complain about Logano’s restart. The brothers Busch also commented on Logano jumping the restart. It’s ironic for Kyle to say that because no one jumps a restart more than Kyle.

NASCAR will never call a leader for jumping the restart at the end of a race. It’s infuriating to watch considering they’ll call a pit penalty for a tire being 3 inches too far from the changer. Yet when a rule is blatantly broken for the win they let it go to avoid the PR disaster the Kentucky Derby faced for DQing the winner.

We’ll see if NASCAR pays closer attention to this now that drivers have brought it up.

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