Folks it’s June of 2019 and 49-year old Greg Biffle is back in a NASCAR sanctioned car today!

Biffle announced at the end of 2016 he would be leaving Roush Fenway Racing for obvious reasons. His last win came at Michigan in 2013 and the organizations performance continued to slide. Biffle never announced his official retirement and everyone linked him to any job opening in 2017 and 2018. Some Dodge coming back with Biffle rumors even popped up because rumor mills are contractually obligated to bring up Dodge with a veteran’s name.


You read that right, for the first time since Homestead 2016 the Biff is back at the track to participate in a sanctioned NASCAR race. Biffle will be in the #51 Toyota Tundra this weekend for Kyle Busch Motorsports. The same truck Kyle went 5 for 5 in this season already.

Biffle is the 2000 NASCAR Truck Series Champion but he hasn’t been in a truck since Homestead 2004. Kurt Busch won the Cup Championship that season, that’s how long it’s been for Biff. The Arizona State girls he hangs out with on Lake Havasu were only 5. Time flies, man.

Biff has 16 truck series wins but hasn’t recorded one since Phoenix 2001. Have no fear though he’s climbing into the most competitive truck he could possibly ask for. So can he make it 18 years between wins? That has to be a record for the truck series if it happens.

According to Kyle Busch, his team didn’t have any drivers to run this race. Both Xfinity, Cup, and ARCA are all in Michigan this weekend while the trucks have a doubleheader at Texas with the IndyCar Series. The thought of having a driver pull double duty like was floated with Matt Crafton last year wasn’t appealing. So while hanging out one day earlier in the year Kyle asked Biff if he’d want to run the race. After making sure he didn’t have any races at the Triple B Ranch he agreed.

Listen, if you’re not making this appointment television Friday night then you’re just not a NASCAR fan. Personally I told a very nice girl I’m busy that night. When asked why I just responded with “the Biff is back” perplexed she just stared as she should have. Almost made a Back to the Future reference but I knew she wouldn’t get that either. So I left, Biff means more.

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