Ford v. Ferrari Looks Incredible! Minus One Small Detail

Take my money.

If you didn’t like that trailer you don’t have a pulse. The trailer for Ford v. Ferrari dropped Sunday night during Game 2 of the NBA Finals putting it in front of millions of viewers. Millions of people that don’t give a damn about auto racing.

It’s a kick ass trailer too. Carol Shelby is a badass, we all know that. Now America gets to know that as well. Ken Miles, huge badass that most race fans don’t even know about. The story of Ford taking on Ferrari has been told in great documentaries like The 24 Hour War. With a feature film more people will be exposed to the incredible war between America’s Ford Motor Company and Italy’s Ferrari at Le Mans.

Matt Damon (Carol Shelby), Christian Bale (Ken Miles), and Shane from The Walking Dead (Lee Iacocca) all star in the trailer showing FOX and now Disney didn’t pull any expenses with this movie. Well, in terms of actors.

One Small Detail

If you were watching the trailer and thought “man, that looks a lot like California Speedway.” You’re not wrong, the track does make an appearance in the trailer.


One problem with that. California Speedway wasn’t built until 1995 and wasn’t opened until 1997. The blue SAFER barrier you see there wasn’t installed on the front stretch until 2016. This film takes place leading up to the 1966 24 Hour of Le Mans in which Ford beats Ferrari. You don’t have to be a numbers guy to figure out that took place far before the speedway opened.

Keep in mind California Speedway is a mere 52 miles from Hollywood. Listen, I get it. Travel is expensive, transporting cars is expensive. All of that makes sense, just do a little editing for me and take that wall and grandstand out.

Rest of it looks phenomenal.

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