NASCAR Has Had “Serious Discussions” About Implementing A Hybrid System In The Gen 7 Car

NASCAR has reportedly had “serious discussions” about implementing a hybrid system as early as 2021 when the Gen 7 will reportedly make its debut. A fundamental change in the way NASCAR cars are powered would be a huge change in the sport while also retaining the traditional internal combustion engine.

In an article talking about Ford’s future involvement in IMSA/WEC’s Marshall Pruett had this to say about hybrid’s and their pending implementation in North American motorsports;

On a related topic, IMSA’s owners at NASCAR are also looking heavily at going hybrid for its next set of Cup Series regulations. A recent meeting among manufacturers and team owners, I’ve heard, included serious discussions on implementing a similar spec hybrid system as early as 2021.

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Oh boy. A large sect of NASCAR fans, especially in the southeast will not be happy about this. Electric motors in NASCAR? What kind of blasphemous idea is that? Blasphemous means ridiculous or crazy for those of you who didn’t know. It’s going to happen and it’s likely going to happen sooner than people want it too.

In the article, Marshall talks about IMSA’s DPi 2.0 package which will include a spec hybrid system that will be rather small. Along the lines of 40kW (53HP) addition to the internal combustion engine. (By comparison, the WEC LMP1 category has a 368 kW hybrid system). That’s a minor hybrid system but it’s still a start if that’s the package NASCAR were to go with as well. Remember IMSA is owned by NASCAR so the idea of using the same spec system in both series isn’t out of the question. It would be great for manufacturers with cars in both series as well.

What A Hybrid System Would Look Like In NASCAR

With only a a 40kW system in the car it won’t make a monumental difference for NASCAR. A few ideas that pop to mind would obviously be the starts of races, leaving pit boxes, and slow corners on road courses could see the benefits of a hybrid system. On top of that it will certainly change up the strategy for teams as well.

The other thing we could see if hybrids are brought to NASCAR is the series deviate from the traditional V8. NASCAR only wants Cup cars to have 550 HP in an effort to attract more manufacturers. Most manufacturers don’t make V8’s anymore so a change to V6 hybrids will certainly be discussed.

Also if cars sounded like this exiting the pits there’s no way you could hate this change.

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