NASCAR Fans Were Annoyed With Martin Truex Jr. After The Coke 600

Martin Truex Jr. was once the lovable loser. The guy who was always kind of there but could never seal the deal. A guy who has stood by the side of his long-time girlfriend while she battles cancer. He took a single car team from Denver, Colorado to a NASCAR Championship. What’s not to like about Martin Truex Jr.?

Other than his spotter Clayton Hughes saying “stage winner M-tee-jay” in the most annoying accent you could think of. Or Truex complaining incessantly on the radio about everything from guys racing him in a race, to the sun, to asphalt. That dude just lives to complain about everything.

Sunday night en route to his second Coke 600 victory Truex and team annoyed fans a little more than usual.

Lap 252

On lap 252 Truex straight ran over Bayley Curry who was out there just trying to log laps and make it to the finish. Truex appeared to get tight in the center of the corner off and pushed up into the #52. Truex had the option to lift in the situation and elected not to. Curry went sliding to the inside wall where the front end of his Mustang got demolished.

What annoyed a number of fans about this incident is the fact if Truex was the one that got dumped it’d be a different story. If the #19 slid and hit the inside wall he’d have things to say about it, not fair, not right, all the MTJ words. Because it was a backmarker it doesn’t matter?

David Ragan Question

When the caution came out on lap 392 for Brad Keselowski nearly all the lead lap cars dove to pit road. Two drivers stayed out, Ryan Newman and David Ragan.

Ragan assumed the lead not because he didn’t want to pit necessarily but his Front Row Motorsports team was out of tires so pitting was pointless and track position meant more. Ragan’s #38 car isn’t the fastest car, he knows that, you know that, we all know that. However he’s on the lead lap and was trying to capitalize on an opportunity.

Martin Truex Jr. lined up behind the #38 on the ensuing restart with 5 laps to go. What has fans annoyed with this is the fact Truex’s spotter had the nerve to go down to the #38 spotter and ask him if they were really going to start on the front row.

Ragan’s spotter said Truex’s spotter Clayton Hughes came down and asked if they were going to drop to the back so the leaders could race. What a ridiculous thing to ask someone on the lead lap to do.

Fans were annoyed because once again Truex acted like he just wanted the win handed to him. As if passing one mid-pack car over the course of five laps was some sort of monumental task. Regan Smith and Truex’s old team Furniture Row Racing got their first win in a situation like that in the Southern 500.

“You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”

Truex is a living example of that. When he broke through for his first win in the #78 at Pocono back in 2015 people were ecstatic for him. When he and the #78 went to the championship 4 that year everyone was beyond impressed. Flash forward 4 years and Truex is no longer the hero. He’s very much the villain now.

A combination of complaining and winning too much has fans turning their backs on NASCAR’s once lovable loser. Truex is the Chicago Cubs of NASCAR now.

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