Zach Veach Not Cleared To Drive After Indy 500 Wreck, What About Detroit?

Zach Veach was involved a multi-car wreck late in the 2019 Indy 500 and wasn’t cleared to drive upon his visit to the infield care center.

The wreck started when Sebastian Bourdais and Graham Rahal tangled going into turn 3. As those two wrecked and smoked the corner Veach and other barreled into the corner. With smoke flying Veach appeared to be checking up and lost the rear of that car. After that he took a hell of a slam with Rosenqvist and Kimball and the Gainbridge #26 was left in the middle of the race track.

It’s what happened after the wreck that was mildly concerning. WISH-TV in Indianapolis took a break from slandering Derek Daly to report on the 500. This tweet after the pileup had people talking;

Veach wasn’t cleared to drive upon reaching the medical center. Not great. After the race Marco apologized for his performance on Twitter and followed it up by sending well wished to Veach.

Immediately the internet flew into a frenzy, as much as the internet can for the 4th Andretti driver about what this could mean. Will Conor Daly be in the car next week in Detroit? Can Andretti get out of this Veach contract? A whole lot to reddit fingers were flying.

Veach Speaks

Well, that settles it then.

Hopefully Veach is ok. Everyone has had a knee injury, most of us haven’t banged our knee in a 200 mph crash. Assuming that hurts pretty badly and after seeing Alonso break the wheel with his legs in his crash in practice maybe it’s something the series can look at going forward.

Glad Veach is ok and hopefully we can see him rebound in Detroit.

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