Just How Close Is Richard Petty Motorsports To Closing Their Doors?

It’s not news that Richard Petty Motorsports are struggling. Their cars are slow, their money is dwindling, and their driver is dealing with mental health issues. What is news is what Bubba Wallace said Tuesday in a short thank you message to the fans.

Wallace has been very open about struggling with his mental health right now. After he talked about it NASCAR fans being the good people that they are showed him a ton of love. Genuine love at that which is what the sport and everyone needs more of. On Tuesday he thanked the fans and also asked for everyone to vote for him in the All-Star Race popular vote. But it’s something he said about winning the million dollars that caught our attention.

“A shot at a million dollars is nice. Not sure if it’ll help with what is going on.”

A million dollars is a lot of money, it’s a drop in the bucket for Cup programs now but that could really help a team like RPM. Wallace saying “not sure if it’ll help with what is going on” might shed some light on how bad their financial issues are.

If a million dollars aren’t enough to help then things are a little worse than we thought. Listen a million dollars to Kyle Busch’s team doesn’t mean much. JGR is spending $25M on that car regardless this season, money isn’t an issue. For the #43 team a million dollars could go a long way in terms of tires, engine leases, whatever. For Bubba to say he doesn’t know if that’ll help, well things might be bad.

On the other side that quip by Bubba could have been directed at his current situation. Like even a million dollars couldn’t make him feel better at this moment. Hopefully that’s not what he meant because if so he’s in a pretty dark place. Money doesn’t buy happiness but winning a million dollars should at least lift your spirits a little bit.

Rumors are flying around the internet about the future of RPM. Team owner Andrew Murstein said nothing is changing. We’ll see in the coming days and or weeks. A lot of the rumors are Coke 600 centric.

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