Here’s What The NASCAR All-Star Race Aero Package Will Look Like

NASCAR announced last month that they would experiment with a different type of aero package during this year’s All-Star Race. Much like last season when they tested the high downforce package we currently see in Cup, the governing body has decided to run a real-world test during a race.

All of this is being done under the guise that it is testing for the 2021 Gen 7 package. However, many believe if the results show what NASCAR desires we could see these changes later in the 2019 season or even for the 2020 season.

So what are the changes for the All-Star Race? Currently the 2019 package has air ducts in the front bumper of Cup cars. The air is routed through the nose and into the wheel well. The idea is to keep cars together and allow them to run side by side. So far the results of this package have been lackluster at best. For the All-Star race NASCAR is running the air ducts out the hood of the car. Essentially the grille on the car will actually be “functional” for once to allow air into the car and out of the top of the hood. A single piece splitter will also be used.

While we’ve seen renderings of these changes we haven’t see a real-world example until now. Jim Glenn from Rick Ware Racing posted these images to Facebook;

Air ducts outlet from under the hood.
Air ducts will exit out the center of the hood.
These ducts are massive. Width and nearly the height of the radiator.
NASCAR-19-All Star Research Development-Competition.

The idea behind this is to move air over the car and help “cool the engine” according to NASCAR. The latter part of that statement is nonsense but the first part is rather interesting. Cup cars already have a massive amount of front downforce. This is only going to help that. It should help the cars create a large wake behind them. However it will be very interesting to see what the dirty air will do to cars behind. Will this take air off the nose like we see with the current package? We’ll have to wait until next weekend to find out.

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