NASCAR Makes The Coke 600 Longer To Honor The Troops Mid-Race

NASCAR announced on Wednesday that they would be making the season’s longest race, a little bit longer. In addition to 4 stages (3 stage) breaks and the fact the race is 600 miles the series will be bringing cars down pit road after stage 2 to honor the troops.

Obviously the Coke 600 is held on Memorial Day Weekend when the entire country honors those who have served and those who made the ultimate sacrifice. NASCAR as a sport does a great job honoring both active and retired military members every week. Especially during Memorial Day Weekend which brings me to this point;

This Is Vastly Unnecessary

Before you get mad and think we don’t support the troops, we’re snowflakes, we hate America, before all of that. Keep reading.

Before the Coke 600 Charlotte Motor Speedway puts on the biggest military display this side of Donald Trump’s brain. Guys are repelling out of helicopters, things are being blown up, troops lined up everywhere. It’s a celebration and remembrance all in one. On top of that every car carries a service member’s name on the windshield replacing the driver’s name. On top of that all Goodyear tires have “support our troops” on them. ON TOP OF THAT a number of teams have patriotic paint schemes.

Ok, now that you’ve read all of that. Now that you know just how much NASCAR and the teams do to honor the troops let me say this.

Stopping the cars mid-race for a moment of silence is vastly unnecessary. It’s a waste of time, a disruption of the race and only something that will make the race longer. The sport does so much for the troops there is no need for this. Do this in the pre-race, just don’t do it during the middle of the race.

This isn’t an anti-troops take either, it’s merely a let’s end this race before midnight take. There’s no need for it. NASCAR has positioned themselves as the “most pro-America” and “biggest supporter of the troops” in American sports. Why do they have to go so far over the top? They almost do too much where it doesn’t feel genuine at times. Let’s support the troops, do all of that stuff and have an uninterrupted race. We’re already doing the 4 stages thing again, no need for another gimmick that slows the race down and covers something that is already on everyone’s mind.

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