Bubba Wallace Puts Up Pretty Dark Posts On Social Media

Bubba Wallace is a fan favorite for his outgoing personality, getting up on the wheel, and his tendency to be completely honest in the media. The honesty went to a new level Monday evening after the Cup race in Dover when Wallace posted this:

Certainly not the posts we are used to seeing out of Bubba Wallace. Generally we see positive posts from Bubba, posts about golfing, music, or ribbing other drivers. That’s what all of social media is right? Everyone just pretending to be happy? No one wants to see sad things, depression, break ups, things like that. No we only want to share the positives. When someone does share a negative aspect of their life we’re all taken aback by it. In all honesty though we need more of it.

What Bubba shared is something millions of people go through every day. Depression is a real struggle, everyone has gone through it in some aspect or another. What most of us don’t have to deal with though is being in front of millions of people each weekend on TV. We also don’t have to keep up personas on the internet. There isn’t a constant barrage of people talking about how you suck, or when you’re going to leave this team, etc.

We all think we’re above depression. No one wants to talk about, we all have that Catholic guilt inside of us where we don’t want to bother anyone else. Instead we just try to push it down and act like everything is ok. When in reality talking to someone helps so much more. Have a good cry, be what the hardo MAGA bros would call “a pussy.” It’s fine. Mental health is something we need to take more seriously in this country.

Bubba is going through some stuff right now. Whether it’s a break-up, personal life turmoil, career turmoil, etc, we’re hoping he gets the help he needs.

If anyone ever needs someone to talk to slide into our DM’s @ApexOff. I know it’s a weird thing to do but sometimes you just need to talk to someone. We’ve all been there. If things are looking a little darker do not hesitate to pick up the phone and call 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

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