Here Is Why NASCAR Tried To Start Sunday’s Race At Dover Knowing Rain Was Close

NASCAR was forced to postpone Sunday’s race at Dover until Monday at noon (FS1) much to the disdain of fans at home and the track alike. However the governing body did everything they could to get the cars on track. At around quarter before 4 o’clock drivers were called to their cars nearly 2 hours after the original start time.

This move confused literally everyone with eyes and a recent look at the weather radar. Sure Dover was in a gap but the next rain cell was right there knocking on the door. Miles the Monster knew it, we knew it, and NASCAR knew it. But they still had to attempt waving the green flag for one reason.

The Fans In Attendance

Thousands of fans showed up at Dover knowing there was a slim chance they’d actually see cars on track Sunday. Yet they hung around all day, wasting a Sunday to see if NASCAR could get cars on track. Even if it was only for 40 laps these fans paid to see cars racing and NASCAR attempted to give it to them. Something is always better than nothing.

Ultimately the rain won, NASCAR looked like fools and no one went away happy. At least they tried though, sure NASCAR could have looked at the radar at 2 p.m. and said: “screw it, we’re racing Monday.” However, they know that not everyone can come back on Monday. People have kids, work, and lives that they live Monday-Friday that don’t have space for a 3.5 hour NASCAR race in the middle. Cars rolled off pit road and paced the track but that was it. 6-7 hours of waiting around in the rain for a number of fans and all they saw were cars going pit road speed.

Opportunistic At Best

Everyone with access to a phone or computer saw the radar as NASCAR rolled the field off pit road and was like “wtf are they doing?” The rain was right there on top of the track. Adam Stevens told Kyle Busch “just log laps and we’ll come back and get after it tomorrow.” They all knew what was happening. Clint Bowyer was making Cinco de Mayo plans while loosening his belts on the pace laps because he knew it wasn’t going to happen.

High humidity and a heavy mist ultimately doomed NASCAR on Sunday. It wasn’t for a lack of trying although surely a number of fans wish they would have called it at 2 p.m. to allow them to get home earlier.

Ultimately NASCAR was in a no-win situation. Damned if they try, damned if they don’t. What didn’t help was FOX spewing their bullshit lies filled with baseless information when science was literally telling them this wasn’t going to happen. Ratings are a powerful thing but lying to the viewers, especially those aren’t social media is why they took the beating they did after the race. Mike Joy knew they messed up too that’s why he lashed out afterward. “Enjoy the coverage”, no one has done that since 2002, Mike.

Tune in Monday at noon on FS1 or listen on MRN.

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