Eddie Gossage Doesn’t Understand How Commercials Work In Sports

Eddie Gossage is a simple-minded man. He refuses to acknowledge his track is a 1.44-mile d-shaped oval and now he apparently doesn’t understand how commercials work in every sport that isn’t NASCAR.

As NASCAR fans complained about FOX’s horrid coverage following Sunday’s race at Talladega one of the main complaints was the number of commercials. Auto racing is the only sport where TV networks cut to commercial in the middle of the action. You know that I know that, Babe Ruth knew that. Guess who doesn’t know that? One Edward Bartholomew Gossage.

“Do they broadcast every second of baseball, football, soccer, and hockey? Really?” Uhh fucking yeah, Eddie. What are we even talking about right now? Eddie is out here trying to convince people that there are commercials in the middle of an at-bat? In the middle of a power play? A first down is interrupted by an Energizer commercial?

There’s being a NASCAR homer and then there’s doing what Eddie is going. Of course, he isn’t going to bad mouth the TV partner. Tracks get a large portion of their money from the TV contract. To act as if commercials aren’t hurting the sport though, that’s shortsighted on his part.

ESPN shows F1 without commercials. A presenting sponsor in Mother’s is all that is shown during the broadcast but there is never a break from the race. Now FOX/NBC are paying a ton more than ESPN paid ($0) but there has to be a way to reduce the number of commercials. NASCAR fans are bombarded with advertisements during the broadcast. From the 38-40 cars covered in ads to commercials, to in race commercials, to sponsored laps, to sponsored in-car cameras. Literally, everything is sponsored and we still have to go to commercial every 5 minutes.

So to answer Edward, yes they broadcast every minute of every other sport. The Reds have been on the road this week, watched most games and never once did we come back from commercial while someone was in a home run trot. Not once has an NBA or NHL playoff game cut to commercial while the clock was running. Only NASCAR but hey “gotta have them.”

When 2024 gets here and the TV contract is up we can only hope for a NASCAR Network with a monthly subscription fee that includes a commercial free broadcast like F1TV.

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