A Crazy Scenario That Could Involve Fernando Alonso Coming Back To F1 After Announcing WEC Exit

Fernando Alonso announced his exit from the Toyota Gazoo Racing Team following Le Mans this summer. His #8 car is in line to win the WEC Championship this super season especially if they capture victory at Spa this weekend. Now that he has won Le Mans, and could double up this year the Spaniard is moving on to something else after the French classic. But what could that be?

Alonso recently tested a Toyota truck for the Dakar Rally. He has stated his desire to participate in one of the worlds most grueling rallies. Beyond that it looks like Alonso will carry on his Toyota relationship in some capacity. Whether that’s a one-off NASCAR race, rally, Super GT, that remains undecided.

But what if there’s something bigger waiting for Alonso? Something that would conflict with another full WEC season?

A Return To Ferrari

Yeah, you read that subheading right. What if Alonso is leaving WEC for an F1 comeback in 2020 with Ferrari? Some people will scoff at the idea of the 2-time champ returning to the team that cost him a third title. The same team that seemingly replaced him in 2015 with Sebastian Vettel because of his disagreement with Marco Mattiacci.

Mattiacci is gone, Ferrari remain a very dumb team when it comes to strategy but they have proven themselves as race winners once again. Alonso is arguably the most talented driver alive at the moment, maybe, just maybe he could do what Vettel can’t do at Ferrari. Properly challenge Lewis Hamilton.

Two times this season already Fernando has paid a visit to the Ferrari mobile compound. First at the preseason test in Barcelona, second during the Bahrain GP. Both times he just waltzed right in as if he belonged there despite being gone from the team for 5 years. There’s something going on there.

Toss in the fact that Vettel has never appeared comfortable at Ferrari and there may be something to this outlandish thought. Vettel like Alonso has spent time with his former team. On the majority of weekends, you can catch Vettel in the Red Bull compound chopping it up with his former team. People say when you’re upset you always look for what is most comfortable. Maybe Vettel is looking for a way back?

Gasly has been unimpressive so far and while he’s only 4 races into his F1 career that’s essentially 4 seasons at Red Bull. Helmut Marko has a quick trigger on every driver, Gasly is no different. Replacing him with Vettel certainly has to be appealing. Partnering him with Verstappen may not be.

If Vettel does want out of Ferrari and there’s nothing to say he does other than body language, Ferrari finds themselves at a crossroad. Charles Leclerc is a World Champion in the making but he doesn’t have a history of developing a car. With a driver market rather light on strong veterans why not bring Alonso in to help lead the team for a season or two? By that point Giovinazzi or Mick Schumacher could be groomed for Ferrari to promote them to second driver behind Leclerc.

It’s a crazy idea but that’s F1. Things like this always pop up, contracts are merely there to show how much money you’ll make. And really we just want to see Alonso back in a competitive car.

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