F1 Will Not Give Up On Hosting A Race In Miami For Some Reason, Now Wants To Have It In Parking Lot

F1’s dream of having a Miami Grand Prix downtown are now officially dead. The circuit consisting of Formula E style chicanes is now dead, thankfully. Slated to run around American Airlines Arena and down the island where cruise ships dock it was never well received by fans and drivers. Lewis Hamilton openly mocked the circuit layout, residents publicly outcried to ensure this race didn’t happen. In the end F1 lost.

The dream of having a race in Miami isn’t dead yet!

No sir, F1 is is bound and determined to put a race in South Florida. Now that the idea of having a race downtown is dead, not that it was ever really alive. The sport now wants to team up with Miami Dophins owner Stephen Ross to have a race at Hard Rock Stadium when the Dolphins play.

Located in lovely Miami Gardens, Hard Rock Stadium recently underwent a $350M renovation that has made the stadium a “world class venue.” Whatever that means. Regardless the sport may team up with Ross to host a race at the stadium. In the parking lot.

Here is what Hard Rock Stadium President Tom Garfinkel had to say about bringing F1 to his stadium;

Yes, the race will not run through the streets of downtown Miami, but Garfinkel said the new location being investigated has its advantages, if it can be achieved.

β€œA lot would have to happen for us to be able to do it, but we have over 250 acres of land so adding an F-1 race to where Hard Rock Stadium and the Miami Open sit means we can create a world-class racing circuit that is unencumbered by existing infrastructure,” he added. β€œIt also means better ingress and egress, better amenities, unprecedented sight-lines, and opportunities for the best hospitality anywhere in racing. We can still do parties and events all week downtown, at [South] Beach, and in Brickell.”

“Unprecedented sight-lines” uhhh no kidding, Tom. You’d be hosting a race in a flat parking lot in South Florida. Ever been to Florida? There isn’t a hill to be seen for miles. The tallest hill in Florida is Britton Hill and it’s only 345 feet tall and it’s basically in Alabama. In South Florida that might as well be Mt. Everest. No elevation changes on a circuit makes the racing bad, the viewing bad and provides no character to the circuit.

F1 has done a parking lot race before. Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas hosted an F1 race from 1981-1984 and it was atrocious. But hey, you can sure see everything on this flat boring, not aesthetically pleasing in the least circuit.

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Now F1 wants to do this again all in an effort to have a race in Florida. No one in Miami gives a damn about sports, events, nothing. Why? Because they live in Miami! There’s plenty of entertainment around them. People are eating each other’s faces, a lack of entertainment is not a Florida problem.

Liberty Media is obsessed with having races in major cities. It’s more about the show than the on track product these days and that’s a massive bummer. If it weren’t about the show F1 would be at Watkins Glen, Laguna, or Road America already.

For the love of god though please don’t have a track in a parking lot. Go back to Korea or India if you really want to add another race, I’m sure the food from the last grand prix is still there. Don’t make us suffer through this though.

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