Roger Goodell’s Power Now Extends To NASCAR As Barstool Sports Proposed Paint Scheme Banned

Roger Goodell rules over the NFL with an iron fist as judge, jury and executioner. It appears that power has expanded outside of the shield.

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy planned to sponsor Corey LaJoie’s #32 GoFas Ford Mustang next weekend at Talladega. The paint scheme on the car? Barstool’s now famous Goodell clown face image that has been posted in all corners of the internet, across Boston and even at the Super Bowl. You know the image:

Image result for goodell clown face towel

Adam Stern with SBJ reported the scheme was rejected. Who rejected it? We’re still not sure. It could have been GoFas which seems highly unlikely. A car with that image on the hood would have garnered millions of impressions on the internet. The internet that Barstool created, you can see how that would be beneficial for them. Remember how talked about LaJoie’s car was at Daytona with his face on the hood? Multiply that by a billion. It would have been a win-win for the #32 team, for one week their exposure would have gone to the moon.

So who banned it? NASCAR may have banned it but the reason isn’t that they want to keep the NFL happy. Barstool’s scheme was likely banned because FOX wants to keep the NFL happy. Currently, Fox is in the midst of a $2B contract with the NFL. FOX makes millions off of ad sales for NFL games, millions of viewers devour their content each fall. In no way does FOX want to irritate the NFL. The same way ESPN bends over backward for the NFL, FOX will do the same thing. To be fair FOX bends over for NASCAR too.

The idea of Roger Goodell’s clown face being front and center on millions of televisions next Sunday is a nightmare for the brass at FOX. Especially when you consider Talladega is unpredictable and the #32 car has a legit shot of having a decent amount of TV time. There is the option of doing tight shots and cutting the #32 out, FOX loves their tight shots. Or maybe they do what NBC did with Jeff Gordon in his final year and only show him sparingly after he announced he was joining FOX. In the end, FOX couldn’t risk the chance of angering the NFL. NASCAR is a good partner for the network but it pales in comparison to what FOX does for the network.

For Barstool and Dave Portnoy this is a bit of a blow. Barstool’s popularity was built on the back of deflategate and subsequently the Goodell clown face. They put thousands of clown face towels in Foxboro for a Patriots game, Matt Patricia wore the shirt after the Super Bowl, Sean Payton had one on this season. The Goodell clown face is a huge part of Barstool. After making fools out of the NFL for the past two Super Bowl media days the shield finally got a win over Barstool. Somehow though Dave will spin this into a positive.

No word on if Barstool will still sponsor the #32 next weekend when the series arrives at Talladega after having the Easter weekend off.

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