NASCAR Media Member Tries To Make Up A Kurt Busch “Lashes Out” Story, Looks Like A Fool When Video Surfaces

Oh no, is Kurt Busch lashing out at the media again circa 2012? One NASCAR “writer” seems to think so.

Frontstretch dot com writer and editor Dustin Albino took to Twitter last night after NASCAR Cup Series qualifying to say Kurt Busch was “lashing” out at the media. Albino fired up his Twitter fingers after Kurt gave short answers in the media pen.

Man if a “NASCAR media member” is calling out Kurt in public it has to be pretty bad. Kurt seems like he’s in such a good place too. We haven’t heard his patented tirades on the radio in a few years now. They’ve been replaced with a few quick outbursts more aimed at himself. Kurt’s done a much better job of being self aware and calming himself down.

If only there was some video available so we could see this “lashing out” that Dusty is talking about. Oh right, this is the age of the internet and everything is on video. Let’s take a look real quick just to make sure Dustin isn’t lying;

Oh man, Dusty looks like a fool now.

If that’s “lashing out” then Dustin Albino has lived a more sheltered life than Elizabeth Smart. I’ll even go as far as to say Dustin has never been criticized face to face in his life. Because that right there, what we just watched is not lashing out. That’s not even someone being remotely mad. Annoyed? Yeah and that’s because like Kurt said he’s been answering the same questions for 19 years. “How much grip did the car have” who cars what he says there because it’s not making anyone’s story about it. Kurt qualified third, obviously, the car had some grip what else could you possibly want there?

When media members criticize drivers for post qualifying or post race interviews it’s one of the dumbest things they can do. No driver has ever said anything profound in a post-anything interview. Simply because there isn’t anything crazy to say. “Car had grip”, “didn’t turn well in the center”, etc. Kurt gave them the answers to their questions.

In my opinion (have to say that incase Dusty is litigious) Albino completely made this up for clicks. Frontstretch dot com want to become the top independent NASCAR site and they’ll apparently try to do that through faux outrage.

Kurt Busch is fine, I’ll go as far to say as you should be a Kurt Busch fan this season. What he’s doing at this stage of his career is awesome. Sure he had missteps in the past but he genuinely seems like a changed person.

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