NASCAR Will Test On The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road Course

Well, well, well. It appears NASCAR and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway have finally wised up to what people want. And it’s not another race on the 2.5 mile flat oval.

According to Robin Miller the NASCAR Xfinity Series will test the infield road course this June.

That’s massive news that the series likely didn’t want out in the public yet. If anyone knows what is happening at IMS it’s Robin Miller. This bit of news also goes along with other things we’ve heard. NASCAR has reportedly told IMS it’s the road course or nothing going forward post 2020. We’ll see if that’s true but for now the fact a test is happening leads evidence to those rumblings.

The infield road course at IMS has seen numerous changes since it’s inception in 2000 when it was constructed to host the United States Grand Prix. MotoGP joined the track in 2008 when the turn one complex was constructed. IndyCar has hosted a Grand Prix on the road course since 2012 to kick off the month of May.

Now NASCAR could be joining those ranks and it wouldn’t be a bad thing at all. The current road course runs clock-wise (the opposite of an oval for you mouth breathers) which is perfect considering all teams already build cars for Watkins Glen. Fueling is done on the opposite side, that’s why it’s a big deal.

One of the biggest questions is will NASCAR use the complex down in oval turn 1. Or will they skip that complex and run the opposite way through turn 1 like F1 did? Both have upsides, but they’ll likely settle for running the complex to lengthen lap times and keep speeds down headed into road course turn 1.

No word if this test will be open to the public.

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